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Friday, January 1, 2012
10:0am 12:00pm
hr for Senior Move Managers
As a small business owner, you experience many of the same
personnel issues as large employers, minus the in-house re-
sources to address them. This dynamic presentation will help
you learn what you need to know as a small business owner
about your most critical success factor: your people. Staff En-
gagement what is it and what can it mean to your bottom
line? This workshop will give you practical, hands-on tips on
how to best manage your staff whether they are employees
and/or independent contractors.
Hear how to avoid the most common traps when recruiting,
hiring, managing and separating employees.
Find out how to motivate, coach and retain good employees.
Discover how to handle downsizing, performance problems
and terminations.
Faculty: Katie Hamann, Door to Door Solutions, Richmond, VA
and Kim McMahon, Let's Move, LLC, Clarksville, MD
Fall in love (all over again!) with your
SMM Business
The honeymoon phase of business ownership is full of energy
and excitement. As owners, we report to ourselves, create our
own schedules, and focus on what we want. Later, much of the
euphoria has been replaced with long hours, multi-tasking, and
(possibly) some disillusionment. What happened to the origi-
nal fire? Is business ownership what we really wanted (in hind-
sight)? Can we get our old job back?
What drives us to buy or start a business is the same thing that
eventually gets us into trouble. Being passionate, driven and
willing to do anything blinds us to the realities of business
ownership and eventually crushes our joy and undermines our
ability to grow our business. What is required is a new mindset
and fresh perspective. We must become a planner, visionary,
leader, and manager and move away from the role of technical
expert, owner of all job duties, and exhausted business owner.
Join us in this strategy-packed session!
Understand how to design your company from "vision to
tasks" instead of "tasks to vision."
Learn why you need regular planning, whether you have a
business plan (or not).
Identify and act on your Top 3 effective business initiatives.
Discover how to remove ineffective activities and increase
time, dollars and job satisfaction.
Explore strategies to better manage your people (including
Learn how to say "No" more often!
Faculty: Dag Nybo, The Growth Coach, Austin, TX
Unleash your inner accountant: a Quick
Books tutorial for SMMs
While passion will help you start your Senior Move Manage-
ment business, only profitability will help you keep it! This in-
troductory, interactive workshop will explore how to effectively
use the QuickBooks accounting program specifically for a Senior
Move Management business. You will learn how to set-up,
back-up and store your company files, and also receive valuable
accounting and bookkeeping tips. Our presenter will create a
sample SMM company, show participants how to enter income
and expenses, measure profitability and other essential statis-
tics. She also will demonstrate how to create useful reports so
you can understand your own profitability.
Learn how to create a basic QuickBooks file to start managing
your SMM company.
Discover how to run several reports on QB that will show, at a
glance, the profitability of your SMM business.
Understand how to evaluate and compare different SMM
Become more comfortable with business financial record-
keeping in general.
Faculty: Katie Hustead, Paper Moon Moves, LLC, Brooklyn, NY