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legal issues for Senior Move Managers
Small business owners, including Senior Move Managers,
wonder whether certain aspects of their business require the
services of an attorney. For example, what language should
your contracts contain to make them valid and enforceable?
Do your agreements need to be in writing, and who needs to
sign them? With nearly every business having a web presence
today, almost everyone owns copyrights, yet many misconcep-
tions exist about what actually constitutes copyrighted works,
how to protect one's copyrights, and how and when one can
use someone else's copyrighted material. Trademark law is
frequently confused with copyright law, but it is separate and
distinct in terms of how trademarks are created, protected, and
used. Additionally, we will discuss other issues Senior Move
Managers encounter, including powers of attorney, potential
property damage liability, confidentiality issues, and more.
This fast-paced, example-filled, plain-English presentation by a
licensed attorney will provide an understanding of the basics of
these legal issues. In addition to the legalities, business owners
will learn how to evaluate and deal with the practicalities and
business aspects of legal issues.
Understand contract basics, including what constitutes a
valid and enforceable contract, when a contract needs to be
in writing, and who needs to sign a contract, as well as
related issues such as powers of attorney and choice of venue.
Understand basic intellectual property law with respect to a)
copyrights and what constitutes copyrighted works, how to
protect one's copyrights, and how and when one can use the
copyrighted material of others, and b) trademarks and how
they are created, protected, and used.
Know how to evaluate a legal issue from a practical,
cost/benefit standpoint, enabling the business owner to
make a decision that will be in the best interests of the
Faculty: Val Sgro, Sgro Consulting, Shaker Heights, OH
Friday, January 13, 2012
3:00pm 4:15pm
i'm a Senior Move Manager!
Why do i need Social Media?
Here's the story: social media isn't going away. It's here to stay.
So what does it all mean for you as a small business owner in a
helping profession?
Traditional marketing strategies - advertising, referrals, and
public relations - remain essential elements of a comprehensive
marketing plan. However, sound social media tactics are fast
becoming equally important to your overall success. It's no
longer a question of "Should . . .?", but rather a question of
"How . . .?" Without question, social media can help your
business reach untapped potential customers and stay
connected to current ones!
Are you struggling to find a use for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
and other social media tools? Does the prospect of blogging
about your business create waves of anxiety? Have you heard of
Google+ and wonder what the fuss is all about? This session
will break it all down for you, into pieces you can understand
and implement.
Discover how social media can be an efficient networking
tool for small business owners.
Understand how different social media platforms (LinkedIn,
Facebook, Twitter, etc.) offer different results.
Learn how to get people to like, follow, and connect with
Explore the potential impact of the latest social media player:
*** Presenter's Note: This seminar is for business owners who
are new to the social media scene or for those who seek to evalu-
ate social media for business use.
Faculty: Simon Turner amd Juli Monroe, Strategic Practical
Thinking, Washington, D.C.