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Friday, January 13, 2012
4:30pm 5:30pm
Build your reputation, referrals &
revenues with Smart Pr
One of the least expensive and most effective ways small busi-
nesses can grow is through the strategic application of public
relations. PR can be executed on a modest budget, and the
awareness and word-of-mouth that can be attained is priceless
for a small company. Our presenter, both a Senior Move
Manager and veteran Public Relations professional, offers
practical "hear it today, use it tomorrow" content.
Discover how to harness the power of the media to help build
your brand recognition.
Hear ways to create media opportunities.
Learn how to develop long term relationships with your local
Explore Senior Move Management story ideas that work.
Find out how to create content that positions you as an
indispensable authority.
Faculty: Lisbeth Chapman, Extra Daughters, & CEO, Ink and Air,
Wellfleet, MA
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Thinking performance drives business performance! Most
mistakes in business are mistakes in thinking. Decisions are
poorly thought-through. Risk factors are overlooked. Faulty
information is taken as fact and then passed on to others who
are also impacted. Benefits aren't built into solutions. Cus-
tomers have no idea why they should embrace your services
and changes backfire. The "hat process" can help improve the
thinking performance of your staff.
Learn a technique to help you examine important issues from
a number of different perspectives.
Explore how to move outside traditional ways of thinking for
new and improved results.
Use the "hat tool" to understand the full complexity of a
decision, and spot issues and opportunities which might
otherwise be seen as blind spots.
Faculty: Trina Pulliam, Trainnovations, Inc., Jupiter, FL
Just as you thought:
We have too Many things
Getting rid of stuff is actually a two-step process: sorting and
deciding, on the one hand, and disposing on the other. But
convincing older adults can be a challenge. Dr. David Ekerdt is
coordinating the Household Moves Project - an in-depth study
of 100+ older adult American households in the relocation
process. Dr. Ekerdt seeks to determine the role possessions play
in the housing decisions of older adults.
Dr. Ekerdt will share results from a recent national survey of
1,500 older Americans that asked about their possession prac-
tices, their attitudes toward things, pressure to downsize, and
whether possessions are an obstacle to moving.
Hear up-to-date info on the University of Kansas Household
Moves Project
Examine the study's findings to date: what have we learned
about downsizing in later life?
Review the reasons for possession and dispossession across
the life course.
Explore the physical, cognitive, social, and emotional tasks
that downsizing represents for elders.
Faculty: David J. Ekerdt, Ph.D., Director, Gerontology Center,
University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS