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Thought Leader Keynote II
Teepa Snow
Saturday, January 14, 2012
8:30 am 10:00 am
My client has dementia: now What?
At age 65, about 5-10% of us will experience some form of dementia. By age 85, the percent-
age increases dramatically to nearly 50%. Of course, this age is a key time for moving to new
housing situations, changing household composition, or reorganizing a home. When the older
adult has dementia, the job of helping them re-organize, reduce, or move can become a HUGE
challenge and even dangerous at times. The person often misunderstands and becomes
fearful about what is happening. Because they can't remember what has been agreed to,
they can become accusatory and angry. They may also refuse help and "fire" you or threaten
you or your staff. This session will help you develop specific programs and techniques to reduce
the risk of problems and improve the probability of a successful downsizing or relocation!
Develop better interaction skills when working with people with dementia! Teepa will empha-
size the value of empathetic communication in combination with redirection and distraction.
This approach is used to cope with distress and promote the use of "go with the flow" and
improved non-verbal strategies to enhance client understanding and responses. Discover how
to reduce or minimize unproductive conversations and resistive behaviors by using effective
verbal and non-verbal skills.
Teepa Snow
is an occupational therapist currently working as a dementia care and dementia
education specialist. She has an independent practice, as well as clinical appointments with
Duke University's School of Nursing and UNC-Chapel Hill's School of Medicine. She provides
education and training sessions to organizations and providers throughout the US. She also
lectures for gerontology and health professional programs at colleges and universities across
the country. Teepa provides training and education for Alzheimer's Association and Alzheimer
Society conferences, state health care provider organizations, professional association meet-
ings, and caregiver programs and organizations. She works closely with several assisted living
and retirement communities, hospice and day service programs, and dementia specialty
service providers to improve and optimize programs and services to people with dementia
and their families.
Teepa has over 30 years of experience in geriatrics. Teepa graduated from Duke University as
an undergraduate, and received a Master of Science degree in Occupational Therapy from the
University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill.
Here's What They Said...
Joining NASMM was the best
thing I ever did for my business.
It's not only the continuing
education that you receive by
coming to the conferences, it's
meeting colleagues - people who
understand what we do.
Barbara Plovsky
Handling with Care
San Antonio, TX
I can't begin to tell you how
impressed we were with the
set-up, content and the positive
attitude during the 2011 NASMM
Conference. You guys thought of
everything! It is a great feeling
and honor to be a part of such a
well-organized, goal-oriented, and
thoughtful association. Thank you
for making it educational, as well
as meaningful and FUN!
Cindy Greer
Transition with Care, LLC
Charlotte, NC
Attending the conference gives
you not only the education piece,
but it also let's you place faces and
names so you can develop your
own network. I couldn't be in this
business without NASMM.
Chris Lautz
Shoreline Moving
Waterford, CT
I would not miss the NASMM
conference! When I came to my
first conference in 2003, the way I
described it was that I felt like I
had come to my home country
where they spoke my language.
Susan Campbell
More Than Moving
for Seniors
Richmond, VA