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Saturday, January 14, 2012
4:15pm ­ 5:15pm
networking roundtable - years
Senior Move Management is, fundamentally, a collaborative
profession. Join your fellow Senior Move Managers for an ani-
mated discussion to identify and define your most challenging
issues by experience level. Plan to unwind at the end of this
hectic day to share successful strategies, as well as tactical solu-
tions, to confront your greatest concerns and build your busi-
ness. Share stories and connect with colleagues who share your
same level of experience in Senior Move Management.
*** Please note: we ask you to honor the experience-level
guidelines. Only attend this session if you have been a Senior
Move Manager for 3-5 years.
Faculty: NASMM members of the same experience level as
participants will facilitate the discussion.
Increasing your Bottom line:
The professional Organizer's perspective
We know you are always looking for new ways to boost your
bottom line. Have you ever thought about increasing your rev-
enue stream by adding professional organizing to your menu of
services? It's much easier to offer additional services to a current
client than to find a new one. Learn from seasoned professional
organizers how they have taken their Senior Move Management
business to the next level by capitalizing on their professional
organizing background and experience. You'll leave this session
with practical ideas you can implement immediately!
ˇ Examine the various organizing services you can integrate
into your SMM business.
ˇ Discover ways to market organizing services to existing
clients and their families, as well as to residents and staff of
senior living communities.
ˇ Determine if adding organizing services would work for you
in your Senior Move Management business.
Faculty: Vickie Dellaquila, CPOŽ, Organization Rules, Pittsburgh,
PA; Barry Izsak, CPOŽ, Arranging It All, Austin, TX; and Carla
Saavedra, Clearly Organized, Inc., Tampa Bay, FL
Giving 'til it hurts: Compassion Fatigue
& Vicarious traumatization
All helping professionals risk "compassion fatigue," a special
form of "burnout." We are also vulnerable to "vicarious traumati-
zation," where the caregiver is impacted by clients' experiences.
Mental health professionals are taught to protect themselves
from these dangers, and Senior Move Managers require the
same valuable training, due to the intimacy of their relationship
with their clients. In this session, you will learn how to recog-
nize the warning signs of compassion fatigue and vicarious
traumatization, how to protect yourself from these conditions,
and how to recover if you are already affected.
ˇ Learn about compassion fatigue and vicarious
traumatization, and cite examples of how these conditions
occur within the Senior Move Management profession.
ˇ Explore the built-in protections and the inherent risks of your
work in relation to compassion fatigue and vicarious
ˇ Discover techniques for reinforcing these protections and
fortifying personal boundaries, without distancing from or
losing empathy for clients.
ˇ Apply techniques for self-care and access resources for
additional assistance if affected by these conditions.
Faculty: Debbie Stanley, MA, MS, LLPC, NCC, CPO-CD, Thoughts in
Order Counseling and Consulting, PLLC, Clinton Township, MI