Contemporary Classics TM YOU Choose the Door... Contemporary Classics YOU Choose the Glass... Clear Chain Link SF CON-8426 (30) SF CON-880SL (12” & 14”) SF CON-8415S (30) SF CON-8415SL (14”) Satin Etch Cubed YOU Choose the Color... SF CON-8415C (30) SF CON-22105 (30) SF CON-8404 (30) Fremont Magnolia Contemporary Classics (Smooth Fiberglass) Contemporary Classics CON-8426 door with Clear glass and Proctor paint. Contemporary Classics 8426 door with Chain Link glass and Ravena paint. SF Smooth Fiberglass 8/0 Ravena Nob Hill Proctor Ballard 28 Other paint options available on Page 5 & back cover. Color samples are reproduced as close as possible, actual color may vary. 29