RAISE & LOWER MINI BLINDS Fully raise & lower blind with a light touch. 61MB 20MB SL1MB SL20MB HINGE COLORS No dusting. Blinds are sealed between tempered safety glass. US15 Satin Nickel US15A Antique Nickel US3-4 Brass US10B Bronze See Page 11 for Flush Glazed Options 20 WARRANTY LIMITED US26 Bright Chrome US26D Brushed Chrome US5 Antique Brass Lite Kit Lite Kit Lite Kit Lite Kit US1D Black Y E AR Steel based hinges may develop rust if they are exposed to moisture. Codel recommends non-ferrous hinges on all outswing doors. SILL COLORS Satin Nickel Finish Inswing Adjustable Sill Mill Finish Bronze Finish Outswing “Bumper” Sill DOORGUARD / SILLGUARD / JAMBGUARD DoorGuard was developed by Codel Entry Systems to provide protection of the door during delivery, and installation. Cardboard protects both faces of the door, and the corners of the brickmould from damage; and plastic shrinkwrap helps keep the door clean. SillGuard is a durable plastic sill cover that protects the sill from damage and jobsite debris. JambGuard is a steel reinforcement plate that is installed to the backside of the jamb, at the deadbolt location, on a single prehung door. This provides greater strength to the jamb against break-in force. Smooth Fiberglass 20MB door. 94 95