PROTECT YOUR DOOR FROM LEAKING Adjustable Sill Pan Flashing For Doors Framed Opening For Door TM WeatherGuard COMPOSITE FRAME Sloped Weep Area Directs Moisture Out Large Glue Tab Area For Adjustability Sub-Floor Features Include: n Sloped weep areas located beneath the Jambto-sill joint that direct moisture away from areas that could be damaged by it. Rim-Joist or Slab Legacy Master LEG-440 door, LEG-240 sidelites and LEG-30212 transom. Codel WeatherGuard Composite Frame System is an innovative alternative to traditional wood jambs. This poly-fiber doorframe system combines all the strength and convenience of wood with enhanced properties that make it moisture, rot and insect resistant. This unique formulation guarantees that the WeatherGuard frame will not absorb or wick moisture and will never warp, splinter or rot. The WeatherGuard product line is available in two varieties. White Cap is a smooth, semi-gloss white that can be painted or left unfinished to compliment the Codel Smooth Fiberglass door. Textured has an embossed grain that can be painted or stained to compliment the Codel Textured Fiberglass door. The advanced WeatherGuard system can be installed the same way as traditional wood jambs. Exclusive to WeatherGuard is “Seams-Rite” our patented “Seams-Rite” Spline spline that enables the brickmould to be applied to the jamb without using nails. Besides eliminating nail holes, “Seams-Rite” ensures a continuous water barrier. An optional nailing flange is also available. n Durable weather-resistant material impervious to rust, corrosion, galvanice corrosion electrolysis and corrosive coastal areas. n Depths to accommodate most door applications in either 2x4 or 2x6 construction. n Easy installation with the multiple-piece design. Jamsill Guard® is an adjustable sill pan flashing designed to prevent water damage from door leaks. Made from quality, high impact ABS plastics, Jamsill Guard® will not deteriorate or corrode over time. Jamsill Guard’s simple design is inexpensive and easy to install. Their multi-piece telescoping design allows on-site adjustability to fit all rough openings and features sloped weep areas to help evacuate moisture to the exterior of the structure. Jamsill Guard® is bonded together in the field using PVC cement, creating a one-piece sill pan flashing beneath your door. . Jamb Jamb Features & Benefits Poly-fiber composite jamb system is an attractive, affordable, and low maintenance option to traditional wood. Closed cellular structure is a unique formulation that ensures product will not warp, split or absorb moisture. Greater screw holding power than wood. Installs the same as traditional wood jambs. Available in smooth semi-gloss white cap and stainable textured embossed. Matching mullposts offering sidelite and transom capabilities. Installation and finishing recommendation label applied to every frame. Limited lifetime warranty. 4-9/16, 5-1/4, 6-9/16, 7-1/4 Textured Embossed White Cap 4-9/16, 5-1/4, 6-9/16, 7-1/4 2” Brickmould 2” Brickmould Failure to install a sill pan will void any warranty against leaking. 96 97