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Discover Fauquier February 2019
You made it
through the holidays with
your family once again giving you a
hard time about your kitchen from
the 1990s (or is it the `80s...yikes!).
You are finally ready to put the joking
aside and renovate, but how? Where
should you begin?
Here are five important things to
What is Your Budget?
This is one of the most important
questions to ask before you decide
on any renovation! You need to
determine the amount of money you
want to spend and be as realistic
as possible when you do this; it will
affect most of the decisions you
make along the way. It's equally
important to be honest with your
contractor about that budget from
the get-go. It's difficult to know what
you'll find behind the walls, so include
contingency money in the renovation
budget just in case. From design to
actual renovations to selection of
finishes, your budget will have an
impact on many of those decisions.
What are Your Wants and Needs?
Establish a prioritized list of things you
would like in your new kitchen, ranked
according to their importance. It's
helpful to distinguish between those
elements you absolutely need and
those you simply want. Do you need
more space in your kitchen? Perhaps
you like to entertain? Do you need
more storage? Do you need more
lighting? Next, list your wants. You
want that farmhouse apron sink. You
want the hand-scraped hardwood hickory, and the crown
molding. Be sure to consider what is
motivating your wants and needs--
are you motivated by improving the
functionality of your kitchen, or are
you renovating to stay in your home
as you age? Now balance that list so
you know if you can stay within your
budget, or if you have to adjust by
increasing your budget or sacrificing
a want.
What Level of Remodeling do
You Need?
The level of renovation will make a
difference in the length of renovation
time, the budget, and skill level
required to do the renovation. Are
you looking to replace everything
but keep the same footprint, or do
you need to "bump it out" and create
more space? Will that bump out lead
into an adjoining room, or will you
need to add more square footage on
to the house with an addition?
How Will You use Your Kitchen?
Functionality, efficiency, style, and
longevity should be top priorities
during a kitchen renovation.
Resist low-quality bargains and
choose products that combine low
maintenance with long warranty
periods. Solid-surface countertops,
for instance, may cost a little more;
however, with the proper care, they'll
look great for a long time. Choose
cabinets you love and a layout that
works for your family's lifestyle.
Will You Hire it out or do it
Renovating your kitchen is a big
project and can be well worth the
time and money; after all, your home
is one of your biggest investments!
When selecting a remodeler, choose
a company you connect with and with
that is properly licensed and insured.
You can check a contractor's license
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