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Discover Fauquier February 2019
~ Nancy Griffin-Bonnaire
If you've resolved to get into
better physical condition this
year, you're not alone. But
some people have a hard time
getting to the gym because
of work schedules. If you're
in the same boat, fear not.
Anytime Fitness, a 24-hour
gym, opened last week in the
Warrenton Village Center.
This is the fifth franchise
location for co-owners Richie
and Charissa Parsons, who
opened their first Anytime
Fitness nearly five years
ago. Richie explains that
before their first child was
born in 2012, he made the
decision to focus more on
his health, so he changed
his diet, committed to regular
exercise, and lost 50 pounds
within six months.
Because the Parsons knew
they wanted to open their own
business, they were naturally
attracted to the fitness
industry. After researching
various franchises, they liked
the Anytime Fitness franchise
the best, and the rest is history!
This is the first 24-hour gym
in Fauquier County--and
that means it is accessible 24
hours a day, 7 days a week,
365 days a year. Outside of
regular business hours when
Anytime Fitness Opens
in Warrenton
the gym isn't staffed,
members enter securely
via a special key fob.
The 6,400-square-foot
facility boasts exercise
equipment for every
taste and ability. If
you're looking for a
cardio workout, check
out the treadmills,
stationary bicycles, ellipticals,
and StairMasters. Strength
training options are equally
impressive, with a range
of functional equipment,
including free weights, deadlift
platforms, 1,000 square feet
of performance turf, and
more. Group fitness classes
are offered as well, providing
training in mobility/flexibility,
high-intensity interval training,
and everything in between.
The Parsons understand that
tracking individual progress
is crucial to remain motivated
and keep you on track to reach
your fitness goals. To that end,
members can choose a heart
rate monitor option to record
and track calories burned,
target heart rates, and much
more during each workout.
Members can even enjoy
HydroMassage and a standup
tanning bed onsite! To learn
more, call
(540) 359-5658.
Richie Parsons
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