Delivering Love… Shop at home, save at home Flaunt It! Love Your New Look The ultimate in hair care and design, from a talented team of hairstylists …for over 30 years! Dr. Thomas Myers has served as an OB/GYN in Fauquier County since 1984, delivering upwards of 10,000 babies during his tenure, including lots of twins. In fact, the latest duo—a boy-and-girl set— arrived at Fauquier Hospital just a couple of weeks ago. Dr. Myers is grateful for his dedicated staff, assistants Melissa Boyer and Andrea Butler, and nurse Halemah Sarsour. Skip back to the front page to learn more about why Dr. Myers has loved his job for so long. Make your appointment now with Your Salon Lou Team 147 Alexandria Pike • Suite 102 Warrenton 540-216-7900 Discover Fauquier ■ February 2018 11