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The Moores Celebrate
a Decade at the Helm
of Framecraft
on business
~ Nancy Griffin-Bonnaire
What is displayed on your home's walls
often speaks of your personal tastes
and background, so when you choose to
frame something, make sure you have
a true expert to lead the way. Ten years
ago, Meleana and Mark Moore took on
ownership of
Framecraft to do just that.
Their experience in custom framing is
impressive, and they regularly attend
continuing education classes to stay on top
of new framing trends and materials (hand-
carved, acrylic, and closed-corner frames,
fabric-wrapped mattes) that you won't find
in big box stores.
Creating one-of-a-kind shadow boxes is
Meleana's favorite type of framing job.
These enclosed glass-front display cases
can feature anything, but it takes a true
artist with the know-how and attention to
detail to pull them all together in a way that
is both visually pleasing and meaningful for
the customer.
If you're seeking to frame something that
requires archival protection, the Moores
have that expertise too. Meleana describes
a recent project involving framing a letter
written during the Civil War. Because it was
so fragile, she had to use a static mount vs.
an adhesive to keep it in place.
Of course, not everything requires this type
of expertise, so Framecraft customers can
choose from several options, including
"Frugal Framing," which offers a variety
of frames and mattes with a flat price,
depending on the size of the item. Do
It Yourself framing has also become a
popular choice. Customers can either
send in photos ahead of time or bring in
their phone or camera and use the onsite
printer--which can print very large sizes--
to print them. Then with the guidance of a
simple tutorial, they are guided through the
framing process.
Whatever your framing needs may be, this
Old Town Warrenton shop fits the bill! To
learn more, call
(540) 341-0001.
Meleana Moore