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When Josh Gibson worked for a large
Northern Virginia homebuilder in the early
2000s, he wasn't satisfied with the quality
of service provided to clients, and he
decided to do something about it. Taking
a huge leap of faith, Josh and his wife,
Valerie, launched
Gibson Home Services
in early 2005. Now nearly halfway through
their 15th year in business, the Gibsons
continue to live up to their motto of treating
each customer's home like they'd treat
their own.
There are various elements that set this
business apart from others in the industry,
and many of them tie into the following six
core values for treating their customers
as well as hiring and communicating with
Respect: They understand the magnitude
of people entrusting them with their
biggest and most personal investment.
"We want employees to respect that
they're in someone else's home and ensure
they treat them, the entire property, and
their belongings with great care," Valerie
Pride: There are different sides to pride,
but they focus on the positive. "We take
pride in all we do, and always strive to be,
do, and give our best," Valerie notes.
Trust: The Gibsons remain focused on
building trust and developing long-term
relationships with their clients.
Help: "We strive to help others in all that we
do, making improving or maintaining their
home a positive experience," Valerie says.
Exceed: "Sometimes it's in the little things,"
Valerie says. "We like to go above and
beyond in our approach to clients, whether
or not it's related to the project."
Gratitude: "As you strive to do and be
better, it's easy to look at things you need
to fix," Valerie says. "But it's important to
realize how far you've come. Gratitude is
grounding. We're grateful for our clients
and the trust they place in us."
In addition, Gibson Home Services isn't a
niche company. They offer a broad range
of services and are happy to complete
projects that take two hours or two months.
"When companies grow, they sometimes
give up working on small projects because
they don't think it's worth their time," Valerie
says. "But working with clients on all of their
needs--no matter how small--ties into our
business philosophy."
Just what can they do for you? Here's
a list--but it's by no means exhaustive.
Kitchen and basement remodeling,
handyman repairs; decks; interior and
exterior painting; flooring; custom and trim
carpentry; tile repair and installation; drywall
installation and repair; minor electrical
and plumbing repairs; minor landscaping
and excavation projects; soffit and facia
repairs; door and window replacement and
installation; custom bars; power washing;
screened porch repair, replacement, and
conversion; bush hogging; gutter cleaning
and guards. Need something else? Just
give them a call to ask!
The project initiation and completion
process is straightforward. Once an
inquiry is received, project coordinator
Tracy reaches out to gather information
on the requested project and sets up an
appointment for an estimator to meet with
them. The estimator gathers project details,
answers questions, makes suggestions,
and then puts together the estimate,
which is sent in writing. Once accepted, a
contract is signed, a deposit is paid, and
the project is scheduled. The start date and
time are confirmed, and the crews arrive,
communicate with the homeowner about
what they're doing, and complete the work.
The work is reviewed with the customer,
and when the latter is 100% satisfied, the
final invoice is sent.
The majority of the Gibsons' customers
are based in Fauquier and Western Prince
William counties, but they work in Fairfax,
Loudoun, and Warren counties as well.
The company continues to grow mindfully,
seeking employees who can help them
meet client demands without sacrificing
quality and standards. To learn more, call
(540) 364-1200.
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