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Our community is fortunate to have
outstanding indoor swimming pools that
offer a host of water-based activities to
people of all ages. The Warrenton Aquatic
and Recreation Facility and the Freedom
Aquatic and Fitness Center in Manassas
opened 11 and 19 years ago, respectively.
Both are home to competitive swim teams
and continue to expand offerings that include
a broad range of swim lessons and water
exercise classes.
Cherie Adair serves as the head site coach
for Nation's Capital Swim Team (NCAP)
in Warrenton as well as the Kettle Run
High School swim team coach and a water
exercise instructor at the Freedom Center.
A native of Hamburg, NY, Cherie began
swimming in a summer recreational league at
age six and moved to competitive year-round
swimming at age nine. Later attending Miami
University in Oxford, OH, on a swimming
scholarship, she made the natural transition
to coaching and teaching water exercise
classes. She has worked with people of all
ages and abilities and witnessed first-hand
the myriad benefits of swimming.
"I believe that water heals the body," Cherie
says. In her water exercise classes, she
often works with older adults. "While there
are a number of extraordinarily fit folks in
their eighties, many others are in pain,
and being in water makes them feel good."
Whether an individual is dealing with a
knee or hip replacement, arthritis, or other
condition, water greatly reduces the impact
on joints, and movement in warmer water
helps muscles relax.
Cherie believes in the importance of
swimming as a life skill and a sport that
one doesn't outgrow. Not only is it a non-
impact activity, swimming improves one's
cardiovascular capacity and unlike other
sports, offers 360 degrees of resistance.
"You work with your own body weight and
learn balance by using your arms and legs
simultaneously, all while learning to control
your breath," she says.
Having experienced the benefits of being
a lifelong swimmer, Cherie is eager to
share them with anyone, especially youth
who devote themselves to the sport. "You
have to be organized to juggle school work
and do the necessary training," she says.
"Swimming teaches time management
skills and encourages hard work." She
also points out that it's both a personal
and a team sport, with many options for
celebrating, such as learning or mastering
a stroke, improving time, winning an event,
etc. Perhaps most important, while many
sports become prohibitive to adults over
time, swimming remains accessible. In
fact, masters swim teams (for adults 19+)
are popular, and the number of triathletes
is on the rise.
Not only does Cherie believe that people can
reap the benefits of swimming throughout
their lives, she says it's never too late to learn.
People who learn to swim in their youth feel
comfortable in water, an asset that lasts a
lifetime. But those who have experienced
trauma in water need not write off swimming
as unattainable. Both the WARF and the
Freedom Center have instructors specifically
trained to work with individuals who suffer
from hydrophobia. Even if they don't become
proficient swimmers, they can learn basic
survival skills as well as techniques to
reduce their anxiety.
The WARF offers swim lessons (group,
semi-private, or private) for ability levels
from age six months to adult. In addition,
a variety of specialty aquatics classes are
available throughout the year. These run
the gamut from certification courses to
High School Swim Team Prep, Summer
Swim Team Prep, WARF Swim Club, and
Masters Swim Team to Aqua Yoga, Aqua
TNT, H20 Power Walk, Cardio Splash, Hydro
XT, and Aqua Zumba
. To learn more, call
(540) 349-2520.
~ Nancy Griffin-Bonnaire
Take the Plunge!