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Ring in the
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Ring in the
New Year With Us!
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By Jordan Rutter
Jordan Rutter is American
Bird Conservancy's Director of
Public Relations. Find her on
migrants like the Wood Thrush to
resident Greater Sage-Grouse.
We work to empower individuals
to take action, whether that
means keeping their cats indoors
to prevent harm to beloved pets
and to wildlife; signing ABC letters
supporting important legislation
that helps birds on a national level;
or donating to our ongoing efforts
to secure a
better future
for birds.
As a four-
star Charity
N a v i g a t o r
we make sure
that every
dollar is well-
spent and
moves bird conservation forward.
Have a great new year watching
birds. And this year, consider a
New Year's
Resolution to
help the birds
you enjoy. Visit
our website
for ideas
a b c b i r d s .
org) or look
for us on
F a c e b o o k ,
Twitter, or
Instagram. Cheers to a bird-fi lled

A New Year's Resolution for Birds
Winter is here. Hummingbirds,
orioles, and all but a few of the
warblers are hunting insects or
probing fl owers far to our south.
Outside, few birds sing.
Much of the landscape's
green is gone. But look
carefully, and you will still see
a wide variety of birds to enjoy.
Bright red Northern Cardinals fl it
around your backyard. Recently
arrived from Canada, with golden
dots above their eyes, White-
throated Sparrows shuffl e in the
leaf litter. Head to open water:
Was that a Common Loon and a
Horned Grebe you just saw in the
surf? At the nearest lake, don't
forget the fi eld
guide: Among
the many
waterfowl you
may fi nd are
gorgeous Ring-
necked Ducks
and Hooded
Birding is a
fascinating pastime that inevitably
leads its participants to want to
help wild birds, be they local or
distant. And birds throughout
North, Central,
and South
America face
many threats.
These include
habitat loss,
c o l l i s i o n s
with refl ective
window glass,
and poorly
sited wind
turbines and powerlines that
make the skies a lethal obstacle
course. For years, these threats
and others have been growing,
and many bird populations are in
decline. But there are things each
of us can do to turn things around.
American Bird Conservancy
(ABC) works across the Western
Hemisphere to conserve native
birds and their habitats. ABC
focuses on protecting the rarest
birds and also the most iconic
and familiar, from long-distance