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Discover Fauquier June/July 2018
Alice Miller was working as a
manager in the restaurant business
in the late 1980s when her brother
told her about a job opportunity
he heard about from his neighbor,
Dennis Parks, owner of an Allstate
Insurance agency. Alice ended
up working for him for the next 20
years, soaking it all in and learning
the business. "I never thought I
would be in the insurance business,
but I really enjoy it," Alice says. "I like
helping people."
In 2008, Dennis retired, and Alice
bought the agency in Warrenton and
a second one in Centreville. "Dennis
and I are still in touch and remain
good friends to this day," says Alice.
For the past 10 years, Alice has
successfully run both agencies and
is in the Warrenton office on most
Wednesdays. "I love the slower pace
of the Warrenton office," she says. "I
love this town!"
Alice has every confidence in the
Warrenton office staff, who have all
been with her since 2008. Licensed
agent Sondra McTarnaghan, a
25-year insurance veteran, loves
meeting new people, helping them
with their insurance needs, and
ensuring that they are adequately
protected. Leslie Delsignore, another
licensed agent, is happy to assist
with making sure that individuals,
their assets, and their way of life is
Allstate Agency Owner
Alice Miller:
Trusted Insurance Advisor
"Allstate is an agent-based
insurance company," Alice explains.
"You always deal with the same
person when you call with a
question or make a claim." Alice
spends 90% of her time servicing
existing customers. Customers are
contacted annually to review their
coverage and make sure they are
adequately protecting their assets.
She gives advice on recommended
coverage due to rising liability costs.
"It's very fulfilling to be able to help
people and take care of them," she
adds. "Many people come into the
Warrenton office, but most people
prefer to make contact via telephone
or email."
Licensed in Virginia, Maryland,
and Washington, DC, Alice
and her associates help with
insurance coverage for anything
on wheels, including cars, trucks,
motorcycles and ATVs. They help
protect homeowners, renters, and
businesses, and have a wide variety
of life insurance and annuity options,
as well as no-fee retirement planning
for their existing customers.
"The biggest mistake people make,"
says Alice, "is looking at the price of
insurance and not the coverage. If
people wait until there is a crisis to
look for protection, it's too late."
For additional information, contact
Alice at
(540) 347-7766.
~ Lynnette Esse
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