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Discover Fauquier February 2019
You only need to take one glance at
the faces of the children in
Presbyterian School's (WPS)
preschool program to know that the kids
are happy, loved, and nurtured by their
teachers, and having fun while learning.
Since the school's inception in
September 2009, director Stacy Stevens,
a former Fauquier County teacher, has
been safeguarding the preschool's
goals and standards. She ensures the
school is staffed by dedicated, high-
quality, loving teachers; preserves the
family feel that is academically rich;
and maintains the small, intimate,
Christian-based learning environment.
"We believe that young children learn
through play, exploration, movement,
and song," says Stacy. "Keeping that
in mind, we plan hands-on activities
that foster social and emotional growth
and focus on fundamental language
development, early literacy concepts
as well as problem solving, math skills,
and early science
The school is open
from 9:00 a.m.­1:00
p.m., with two-year-
olds attending two
days a week, and
three- and four-
year-olds (pre-K)
attending three to
four days a week.
In addition to their
regular class time,
the children have P.E., music, Spanish,
and chapel time each week. Each class
Warrenton Presbyterian School
Thrives in its 10th Year
has a teacher and an assistant, with an
average class size of 10 students.
Warrenton Presbyterian's pastor,
Reverend James Lunde, has a personal
interest in the quality of the preschool
since his three-year-old daughter is
a student here. "My daughter wakes
up excited about going to school,"
Reverend Lunde says. "The teachers
are superheroes at our house. I couldn't
be more thrilled with her progress.
Leading chapel time each week is an
absolute joy," he adds. "The kids bring
so much life and energy into the room--
it energizes the whole church! WPS
is a vital ministry of our congregation
through which we are able to share
Christ's love with our community."
Students of any religion, race, and
national or ethnic origin are welcome.
To learn more, contact Stacy at
(540) 222-8509 or visit the school at
91 Main Street in Warrenton.
~ Lynnette Esse
Pastor Jim shares a Bible story during chapel time at WPS
The 3-year-old class listens attentively to a story
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