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Inaugural Domestic Violence Awareness Fair:
In October 2017, in recognition of
Domestic Violence Awareness Month,
Discovery Publications featured the
services that the Fauquier County
Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault
Advocacy Program (FCDVSAAP)
provides to victims of both domestic
violence and sexual assault.
The program falls under the county's
social services department, and one of
its most important ongoing goals is
educating the public, especially youth,
to eventually reverse the trends of
domestic violence and sexual assault.
In the past, it has led a variety of
outreach campaigns, and this year it is
taking a giant leap forward with
the inaugural Domestic Violence
Awareness Fair, to be held on Saturday,
October 13 from noon­ 4:00 p.m. at
Liberty High School.
"The event's theme is `Shatter the
Silence,'" says Rochelle Ferguson,
Fauquier County Social Services case
manager. "Domestic violence isn't
something that people like to talk about,
but that's part of the problem. If we
don't highlight it, we hide it. We
all--victims and supporters alike--need
to break this silence and talk about it so
we can stop this horri c cycle."
The launch of this inaugural fair has
been the epitome of a community
e ort. For example, Fauquier County
Public Schools is engaged in various
ways. All three high schools are
arranging for a "wear purple" day as
well as selling purple ribbons on the
day of an October home football game,
when a PSA regarding domestic
violence will be o ered.
In addition, more than two
dozen Taylor Middle School
students have been deeply
involved in plans for the fair.
Their e orts include in-school
fundraising, soliciting vendor
support, crafting in-house posters, and
even creating age-appropriate videos
to be shown at all school levels.
Other community groups involved in
the fair include American Legion Post
360, which will be on hand distributing
free hot dogs. Various churches have
agreed to provide homemade baked
goods, face painting, and balloon art
while 4-H is hosting a petting zoo. A
variety of artisan vendors will display
and sell their products, and local food
vendors will o er tasty treats for sale.
Beginning at 1:00 p.m., a host of
individuals will speak about domestic
violence, including Warrenton Mayor
Carter Nevill, DSS attorney August
McCarthy, and keynote speaker Laura
Colvin, a survivor of 25 years of
domestic violence. In this YouTube
video (,
Laura describes her experience and
o ers hope for other victims. "Just ask
for help," she says. "Tell somebody." In
other words--shatter the silence!
The Fauquier Department of Social
Services welcomes corporate
sponsorships for this event. After
paying for minimal expenses
associated with the fair, 100% of
proceeds will be used to assist
domestic violence victims to relocate
to safe places, obtain legal counsel for
protective orders, and transition to
becoming survivors. To learn more
about sponsorships, contact Rochelle
at (540) 422-8456.
Please plan to attend the fair on
October 13 and follow their Facebook
page to stay updated on included
~ Nancy Gri n-Bonnaire
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