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Discover Fauquier December 2018
~ Nancy Griffi n-Bonnaire
A Slice of Iconic Americana
Captured in Fauquier
A quick glance at this sketch might bring up
memories of the Andy Griffi th Show, featuring
Sheriff Andy Taylor in the sleepy town of Mayberry,
North Carolina, in the 1960s.
Despite its old-fashioned appearance, the sketch
was based on a photograph taken by Amanda
Demaree in Warrenton in July 2017. It features her
son, Hudson, at his 4th birthday party, along with
Fauquier County Sheriff Bob Mosier.
"Hudson has a genuine love for police offi cers, so
it was fi tting that he had a police-themed party,"
Amanda says. She called the non-emergency
number to see if a deputy could stop by the party
and add to Hudson's joy. What they didn't expect
was that in addition to Deputy Lillard, Sheriff
Mosier also "arrived on the scene." (The Demarees
and Mosiers are family friends; Amanda's mother
called Sheriff Mosier's wife Cindy--and the rest is
Hudson was elated, especially when they gave him
a tour of the sheriff's car and let him sit in it. Deputy
Lillard gave Hudson a special rock hand-painted
with the sheriff's offi ce emblem, and Sheriff Mosier
presented Hudson with a challenge coin, which is
when Amanda snapped the photo that was later
transformed into this sketch.
Sheriff Mosier went on to "deputize" Hudson, who
keeps his prized challenge coin and painted rock
on his dresser to this day and often talks about the
time "my sheriff" came to his birthday party and
"gave him a special coin." (Challenge coins are a
simple reminder of the creed all law enforcement
offi cers follow.)
That moment lives on for more than just young
Hudson. His mother posted the picture on
Facebook, at which point local artist John Kiernan
laid eyes on it and immediately knew he wanted
to create something based on that iconic moment.
A former police offi cer in South Hampton Village,
New York, and Fairfax County for a total of 15
years, as well as a future Special Deputy with the
Fauquier County Sheriff's Offi ce, John has lived in
Fauquier County since 1996 with his wife, Kristi (a
Fauquier County Deputy), and their fi ve children.
During his career as a police offi cer, John put his
long connection with art to work painting murals.
He eventually launched Blue Line Studios, which
has become renowned for its decorative art, and
specifi cally police art. Each year, John produces a
new piece for Police Week, which falls during the
second week of May and honors offi cers who have
died in the line of duty.
"Painting a subject that you lived really tells story,"
John says. When he saw the photo of Hudson with
Sheriff Mosier, he decided to sketch it, adding the
American fl ag as a backdrop. John had met Bob
Mosier several years prior and eventually helped
him when he ran his campaign to become the
sheriff in 2015.
John is now working with a printer to create
Giclée (an advanced printmaking process that
creates high-quality fi ne art reproductions) copies
of his sketch. He plans a limited-edition print of
approximately 250 copies (8"x10") that he will sign
and sell to the public.
In addition, after Cindy Mosier discovered the
U.S. Department of Justice's Offi ce of Community
Oriented Policing Services (COPS) annual
photo contest, the Fauquier County Sheriff's
Offi ce submitted the original photograph as an
entry. COPS will select 12 winning photos to be
showcased on their Twitter and Facebook pages
throughout 2019. Winners will be notifi ed by the
end of this month--stay tuned for an update!
John Kiernan
Blue Line Studios
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Discover Fauquier
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12-16 oz. plain oyster
1 pkg. Hidden Valley
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