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Discover Fauquier October 2018
October is breast cancer awareness
month, and there's a new gig in town
to help get the word out: Real Men
Wear Pink of Fauquier County. This
lighthearted fundraising movement
launched by the American Cancer
Society (ACS) has been going on
in countless communities across
the country, and Fauquier County
is taking the plunge for the first time
in 2018.
Although breast cancer is typically
associated with women, it affects
men too. Tapping into "the power
of pink," this national campaign has
raised more than $6.5 million to
date. It consists of men within the
community who commit to raising
awareness and money to support
the ACS mission of saving more
lives from breast cancer.
At press time, there are 27 local men participating in
Real Men Wear Pink of Fauquier County, including:
Waleed Ahsan,
Michael Appleton, Matt
Carson, Rich Crow,
Todd Eisenhauer,
John Ferguson,
Ryan Friedline, Paul
Frye, David Hartman,
Raul Heras, Mark
Malloy, Tim Marcus,
Joe Martin, Daniel
McLinden, Chad
Melton, Christopher
Meyer, Aaron Miller,
~ Nancy Griffin-Bonnaire
Fauquier County Takes on the
"Real Men Wear Pink" Challenge
Carter Nevill, Clint Pease, Dean
Perez, Sean Polster, Michael
Potts, Felix Rivera, Dean Spahr,
Jim Spedden, Floyd Thompson,
and Michael Wykowski. The
gentleman who raises the most
money by the end of October will
be named the 2018 "Real Man of
Fauquier County."
The inaugural Real Men Wear
Pink of Fauquier County kicked
off with a reveal party at Old
Bust Head Brewery in Warrenton
on September 17. Many of the
gentlemen were on hand at the
event, and several spoke out as to
why they're participating.
The campaign has set an ambitious
goal of raising $50,000 by the end of
October. Attainable? Absolutely--it we work together.
Won't you help these gentlemen on their way? Giving
is easy. Simply visit
org/fauquiercountyva, choose the person to whom
you'd like to donate,
and make a secure
online donation or
follow directions to
mail a check. And it's
not too late to join in! If
you'd like to become a
real man wearing pink,
contact Carmen Rivera
of Carmen Rivera
State Farm at
Shari True, Senior Manager Community Development ACS,
Carmen Rivera, Agent, State Farm &
Aimee Nuwer, Senior Community Development Manager ACS
Joe Martin, Fauquier Chamber
"I've been touched quite a few
times by breast cancer. About
two months after I arrived at the
Fauquier Chamber, my previous
boss was diagnosed and had a
double mastectomy. Thankfully,
she survives to this day. My
counterpart at the Prince William
Chamber, Debbie Jones, has
gone through it twice--20 years
apart, and she has survived it as
well. Earlier this year, my sister
was diagnosed with breast cancer.
She got tested early, was treated
without anything invasive, and as
of right now is in full remission."
Carter Nevill, Warrenton mayor
and Carter & Spence owner:
"I've watched my cousin's wife and
a very dear friend go through breast
cancer, and even in survival, victory
comes at a cost. I'm dedicating this
campaign to Sharon Woodward,
who was at the Warrenton post
office for so many years and who
battled breast cancer bravely and
confidently. It eventually beat her,
but her absence in this community
is still felt, and the echoes of these
losses cannot be silenced. So, for
those who fought valiantly and fell,
let's make this fight for them."
John Ferguson, WARF personal
trainer and Zumba instructor:
"My sister-in-law and my best
friend have both gone through
breast cancer. Being an instructor,
I have contact with 100 or more
people a day, and I've come across
a lot of men with breast cancer.
This is such an important cause."
(At press time, John leads the
Real Men Wear Pink of Fauquier,
with over $4,000 raised!)
Michael Appleton
Matt Carson
Rich Crow
Ryan Friedline
Paul Frye
Raul Heras
David Hartman
Mark Malloy
Tim Marcus
Chad Melton
Clint Pease
Dean Perez
Felix Rivera
Jim Spedden
Floyd Thompson
Michael Wykowski