response to a specific situation or emergency, or as part of a routine event. Congratulations to Detectives Cory Ashby and Brandon Lillard, Deputy Nathan Earnshaw, and ECSII Kim Malloy, as well as the following, some of whom were on more than one awarded team: Sergeant Jason Anns, MDS Alex Armstrong, ECSII Samantha Ashby, ECSII Cortney Breedlove, DFC Vanessa Breedlove, Sergeant Brad Brubaker, Corporal Lance Davenport, Deputy Kevin Daymude, ECSII Krystle Exley, ECSII Cindie Foster, MDS Robbie Hamblin, Deputy Josh Haught, Sergeant Samuel Johnson, Crime Analyst Kristi Koglin, Corporal David Lee, Deputy Corey Lillard, ECSIV Allison Marshall, MDS Chris Moline, Sergeant Chris Myers, ECSIII Te r r i P e n n i n g t o n , ECSII Amber Ripple, Detective Jason Romero, Detective Justin Schmitt, ECSIII Karen Smallwood, and Deput y A aron Vescovi. Commendations were awarded to three individuals and one team for acts that either contributed to the accomplishment of Sher if f ’s O f f ic e goals or warranted special recognition in the public interest. Congratulations to Virginia State Trooper Derik Mabie, Deputy Er i c S m i t h , EC ST Heather Thomas, and the team of MDS S a m Le o n a r d a n d DFCs Chris Paris and Warren Williams. Commendation: DFC Chris Paris; Trooper Derik Mabie; DFC Warren Williams; MDS Sam Leonard; Deputy Eric Smith training talents, and job knowledge and skills. Congratulations to ECSII Chrissy Lamb, who was named telecommunicator of the year, while ECSII Danielle Prichard was named trainer of the year, and ECSII Tracy Wer ner was named supervisor of the year. Community Service: Event keynote speaker Major General Randy West (USMC, Ret.) addressed the attendees, noting that he was honored to be in the presence of so many who have done so much to make Fauquier County one of the best places to live, work, and play. “I respect you because you do it. You seek it out. You train to do it better. You go willingly in harm’s way so that I and others like you can live a safer and better life.” He closed with a poem called “The Men and Women Behind t h e B a d g e ,” w h i c h included these lines: “So thanks for all your service in good times and in strife; we salute you men and women behind the badge that protect our way of life.” ECSIII Terri Pennington Communications: ECSII Danielle Prichard Special Recognition Coffelt: VDOT 1 Michael Coffelt Another new set of awards, Special R e c o g n i t i o n wa s given to people from other agencies and fields who collaborated with the sheriff’s office. Congratulations to V DOT M ar shall Michael Coffelt (not pictured), S p e c i a l A g e n t / Community Service: ECSII Cindie Foster Homeland Security Investigations Michelle Dowling, and Special Agent/Drug Enforcement Agency Paul Maloney. Two people were recognized for their Community Ser vice efforts, which had a direct impact on the public or its institutions. Congratulations to ECSII Cindie Foster and ECSIII Terri Pennington. Last but not least, three individuals were recognized for excellence in Communications. These individuals were nominated by their peers in recognition of their professionalism, leadership, mentoring, Communications: ECSII Tracy Werner Sheriff Mosier offered brief remarks, noting that once again, the date for this event— January 9 —was specif ic ally chosen because it’s National L a w E n f o r c e m e n t Communications: A p p r e c i a t i o n D a y ECSII Chrissy Lamb ( L E A D) , a t i m e t o show support for the nation’s 780,000 law enforcement officers who put the badge on each day. He highlighted some of the many achievements of his office, which resulted in a safer community. Thank you, Sheriff Mosier, and to all of your staff, for continuing to provide outstanding service. ~ Nancy Griffin-Bonnaire Discover Fauquier ■ February 2018 25