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Discover Fauquier February 2019
People don't like to talk about domestic
violence and sexual assault, but these
issues exist--probably more frequently
than we care to admit. Luckily, there
are organizations in our midst that
work not only to provide awareness
of these issues, but to help survivors.
For nearly four decades, Services to
Abused Families, Inc. (SAFE), a 501(c)
(3) organization, has provided free
and confi dential services to survivors
of domestic violence and sexual assault. In 2018 alone,
it answered 686 hotline calls, offered 2,697 nights of
safe, secure shelter to 68 clients, provided 3,645 hours
of advocacy efforts to survivors, and much more. SAFE
serves clients from Culpeper, Fauquier, Madison, Orange,
and Rappahannock counties.
SAFE executive director Cindy Hedges explains that while
its current shelter houses 15 people, the organization
recently acquired another location that will serve as a
second shelter, housing and supporting 20 additional
people. However, the site needs $50,000 in renovations
before it can be used. To that end, friends of SAFE are
organizing a fundraising event, "Don't Hide Behind the
Mask"--an inaugural masquerade ball--and you're invited!
Closing out the all-day Downtown
Culpeper Carnival, a Mardi Gras
celebration hosted by Culpeper
Renaissance Inc., the masquerade
ball will be held on March 2 from
7:0011:00 p.m. at The Refi nery
(120 W. Culpeper Street). The
evening's festivities include
delicious fi nger foods from the
area's best chefs, live music, a
silent auction, and a cash bar. In
the spirit of Mardi Gras, attendees
are encouraged to enjoy the
evening wearing a mask--you
can bring your own or purchase one with your ticket.
There are several ways for residents to support this fun-
fi lled event that serves such an important community
cause. You can attend the ball--tickets are $50 each
or $75 with a mask provided. If you're unable to attend,
please consider making a tax-deductible donation of any
amount or becoming a masquerade ball sponsor at one
of the following levels:
Court Jester: $150 (inclusion in all promotional materials)
Knight: $250 (inclusion in all promotional materials and
two tickets with masks)
Duke: $500 (inclusion in all promotional materials and
four tickets with masks)
Queen: $1,000 (inclusion in all promotional materials and
six tickets with masks)
King: $1,000+ (inclusion in all promotional materials and
eight tickets with masks).
In addition, silent auction items are being collected;
perhaps you have an item or a service you can donate
to the cause.
Sponsorships are respectfully requested by February
15 so that sponsor
information can be
included in the event
program. To sponsor
the event or purchase
tickets, download a
sponsor/ticket form
from SAFE's website:
org. Tickets can also
be purchased by (search "Mardi Gras
Masquerade Ball") by February 23. There are only 140
tickets available, so reserve yours today!
Tickets and masks can be picked up at the door, or in
advance (from February 2529) at Raven's Nest Coffee
House, 215 E. Davis Street, Culpeper. Silent auction items
can also be dropped off here.
Please consider supporting this event in any way you
can. Cindy explains that completing renovations and
opening the new shelter location is a top priority for the
organization. Doing so permits survivors with a safe place
to stay while they work through the logistics of fi nding
their path forward. She also notes that the event theme
"Don't Hide Behind the Mask" pairs perfectly with Mardi
Gras, while also representing the brave face that survivors
often put on in public despite the fear they hide behind.
To learn more, contact Kathi Collins at (540) 812-4264 or To learn more about SAFE, visit
the website noted above.
"Don't Hide
Behind the Mask":
Inaugural Mardi Gras
Masquerade Ball Benefi ts SAFE
~ Nancy Griffi n-Bonnaire
Cindy Hedges, SAFE
executive director
Five Rockin' Years
on business
~ Nancy Griffin-Bonnaire
Five years ago, Kristy Haase
in the Food Lion Plaza in
Marshall. This modern barber
shop offers traditional services
and much more, increasingly
attracting a broad clientele that
enjoys the classic rock that
plays on the radio as well as the
eclectic conversation pieces
that don the walls. Kristy is a
Master Barber who is highly
trained in men's scissor/stylish
haircuts, shaves, and beard
trims. Shortly after she opened
her doors, she was joined by
Fauquier native Brandy Fox,
and as word spread about
the shop, which provides
a comprehensive range
of women's and children's
haircuts too, additional
experts have come on board,
including Cassie Carter,
Sheryl Cubbage, and Ashley
Johnson. Rock-N-Barbers
is now open seven days a
week--a great convenience
for those on the go--and both
appointments and walk-ins
are welcome. To learn more,
(540) 364-8133.
Kristy Haase