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Make room for ogre-sized family
fun as this heartwarming fairy
tale comes to life in this magical
music extravaganza at Fauquier
Community Theatre (FCT). Full
of whimsical, fun, colorful, and
unexpected characters and imbued
with a powerful music score, "Shrek"
teaches us that we are all different
and special--and that we all have
worth. This wonderful poignant
message is woven throughout the
plot and within every character
The hilarious story is based around
a green ogre named Shrek and his
sidekick, Donkey, whose swamp has
been invaded by fairytale creatures,
sent by Lord Farquaad, the leader
of the nearby kingdom of Duloc.
Shrek is sent on a quest to retrieve
the woman Farquaad desires to
marry--the feisty Princess Fiona--
because their nuptials will make
him king. The quest is a dangerous
one, since Fiona is locked in a high
tower protected by a fire-breathing
dragon. Wait--stop right there! Yes,
a fire-breathing dragon--come see
for yourself! Will Shrek succeed in
bringing back the princess?
FCT's Shrek, played by Nicholas
Villacorte, bursts onto the stage with
a song in his heart. His powerful
presence and great wit match the
character's size. He sings, moves,
and acts with heart and soul, covering
up his own handsomeness with
makeup and prosthetics to discover
his character's deeper meanings.
Donkey, played by Carter Williams,
is a bright-eyed motormouth sassy
animal. Singing messages of
significance is the amazing Julia
Downes, who gives Fiona her edge
and smashes the role beautifully.
Jack Zatkowsky's knees get quite a
workout playing the diminutive Lord
Shrek The Musical
By Christie Clark
Farquaad. Portraying
a pompous, power-
hungry little villain, Jack's
Lord Farquaad is side-
splittingly funny.
Director Matt Moore
and producer Mary
Beth Balint assembled
a perfect cast and an
amazing production team
to bring this story to life.
The big ensemble numbers, "Story
of My Life," "Freak Flag," and "I'm
a Believer" are enhanced by Abby
Chaumont's delightful choreography.
Musical director Katy Benko-Miner
brings a wealth of stage experience
and musical talent that she shares
with the whole cast, bringing this
musical to the same level of a full,
main stage adult musical!
In this full-length multifaceted tale,
nothing is as it seems. Layers of
defense mechanisms are broken
down and twisted inside out until the
characters conquer their fears once
and for all. Learning to love oneself
for our unique gifts and others for
the content of their character all
contribute to a better community--
this is the message that rings loud
and clear.
With book and lyrics by renowned
playwright David Lindsay-Abaire and
music by the incomparable Jeanine
Tesori, this musical has got it all:
belting performers, eye-catching
props and sets, and elaborate
Fauquier Community Theatre's
production of Shrek The Musical is
presented by special arrangement
with MTI, Intl. Experimax of
Haymarket is the show's business
sponsor. The six performances will
be held at the Vint Hill Theater on the
Green, located at 4225 Aiken Drive,
Warrenton from June 716, with
Friday and Saturday performances
at 7:30 pm, and Sunday matinees at
2:00 pm. Tickets are $13 for students
and seniors, and $15 for adults. More
information and reserved seating for
all performances is available online
at or by calling
(540) 349-8760. Early reservations
are highly recommended for best
seating preferences.
Stephen Rummel Photography
FCT's Fiona (Julia Downes), Donkey (Carter
Williams) & Shrek (Nicholas Villacorte)
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