Relax in YOUR OWN Home When Lyme Disease is a Member of the Family After years of fear, uncertainty, and terror surrounding the state of her health, local resident Jolynn Desch was finally diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2015. Countless doctors had puzzled over a catalogue of horrific symptoms: debilitating migraines, seizures, blackouts, and tremors, to name just a few. Finding out she had Lyme disease actually brought Jolynn, her husband Hank, and their three children some solace; at least they knew the reason why she was suffering and could proceed with treatment. But the reality was still brutal, especially from the perspective of a parent. “We had a lot of helpers for a very long time,” says Jolynn. “Family, friends, and even friends of friends provided meals and babysitting. Through all of it I was optimistic I’d get through, but it was hard on my kids.” Now in treatment, Jolynn has made it her mission to educate the public on the horrors of the disease and the importance of seeking early treatment when a tick bite is discovered. Along the way, she has learned everything she can about this complex affliction, which manifests differently in every Jolynn Desch people know my story and think that’s what Lyme disease looks like, but it doesn’t. I’m always trying to get that message across.” Jolynn has learned that in children, Lyme can look like Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), dyslexia, and issues with memory, learning, and behavior issues—problems that are not atypical in young children. “They may be brushed off as demonstrating ‘boy behavior’ or even laziness,” she says. “It is terribly frustrating for children who just don’t feel right to be labeled as difficult or troubled. As a mother, it makes my heart ache for children who are suffering and not getting the intervention they need.” It’s especially difficult to spot in children who are still too young to communicate ve r b a l l y. S i n c e Ly m e di s r u pt s milestones in child development, Jolynn was on high alert as she watched her youngest start to display symptoms like mood swings, irritability, and growth delays. The symptoms in her older children looked completely different— but seizures and difficulty in school were red flags. The knowledge that her children would live with this disease for the rest of their lives was devastating, but she has put all of her energy and effort into making them well. Remarkably, their early diagnoses and treatment have allowed them to live full lives and enjoy all the perks of being a kid. They run and play just like most children, and other than their mother, no one notices that anything might be wrong. “Seeing my children respond and rebound into happy, healthy, normal kids is a blessing I’m grateful for each and every day,” she says. “For now, their symptoms are gone, but they will always have to work harder to get by. I believe they’re stronger for it.” Jolynn continues to reach out to others to bring awareness to conditions, difficulties, or disabilities that may be rooted in Lyme disease. Whether you are a seller or buyer, our real estate agents at United Real Estate Horizon have everything you need to be successful in the housing market. (877) 347-KEYS (5397) Offices in your local area with 2 convenient locations at: 26 N. 5th Street, Warrenton, VA 20186 (540)347-4663 34 E. Jackson Street, Front Royal, VA 22630 (540)635-3015 Time to Get Ready For Fall host since ticks transmit a cocktail of diseases, each with dif ferent symptoms. In fact, the medical community knows of approximately 300 signs that could all point to Lyme— hence the tremendous controversy over its diagnosis and treatment. But it wasn’t hard for Jolynn to notice symptoms in her children, all of whom were born after she contracted Lyme disease but before her diagnosis. In fact, shortly after she learned the reason behind her failing health, doctors told her that the infections associated with Lyme disease are transferrable from mother to unborn child. “Some people in the medical community dispute that, but I’m living with it,” she says. “It presents differently in children and adolescents. A lot of To advertise: SERVICE • SERVICE • SERVICE • SERVICE 15% OFF Shop Labor WITH THIS COUPON • Expires 10/31/17 ~ Caitlin Scott 540-349-8060 28 Discover Fauquier ■ October 2017