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ˇHuge Selection of Professional Braces
ˇProducst for the most Common Conditions. Including
Sprains, Strains, Arthritis and Carpal Tunnel
~ Lynnette Esse
With the holiday season fast
approaching, many people look
for ways to give back to their
community. But where do you
begin your search? How do you
find something fulfilling when
there are so many nonprofits
from which to choose? The
answer is simple: log on to the
PATH Volunteer Hub; it does all
the work for you, much like a
match-making service.
Whether you are looking for something to do
on your day off (even from home), student or
family opportunities, special events, or a place
to make donations, the PATH Volunteer Hub
helps you find it. Simply select any preferred
filters and special interests to narrow down
your search, and "shop" the nearly 300
volunteer opportunities.
Once you find something of interest, you can
"become a fan" or click "respond" to create
an account. Your response immediately
goes to the right person, without the need to
make phone calls. The PATH Volunteer Hub
is a meeting place for the agencies and the
community; it helps facilitate all the players in
an organized and efficient
way. Everybody wins!
If you'd rather not search
for opportunities yourself,
click "Sign Up" to create
an account and let the
computer algorithm do the
work for you. You have the
option to choose causes
that interest you, and the
system searches for your
ideal volunteer opportunity
match. Unless you opt out,
you will begin to receive
emails about specific
opportunities that match
your interests.
The PATH Volunteer Hub is also a way
for nonprofits to connect with skill-based
volunteers, including communications or
grant-writing coaches or a statistical analyst.
PATH Volunteer Hub:
Find Your Perfect
Volunteer Match!
These experienced professionals
are recruited to coach nonprofits
so they can better manage these
technical skills themselves.
Of special interest to student
volunteers is the website's
capability to create a volunteer
resume with a tally of the tracked
volunteer hours, among other
helpful statistics--a fantastic
report that students can submit
with college applications.
As part of the PATH Resource Center, the
PATH Volunteer Hub is both a virtual place and
a physical space. Lynn Lauritzen, manager of
the Volunteer Hub, is happy to meet in person
with individuals who want extra guidance in
using the platform. She talks to people about
their interests, schedule, and availability
as they walk through the platform together,
searching for the perfect match.
Having served as the volunteer director at
Fauquier Hospital for 10 years, Lynn joined
the PATH Foundation in April 2016 to start
the PATH Volunteer Hub. "I love being part
of the process of matching
people to each volunteer
opportunity," she says. "I
sat down with each of the
nonprofits at their sites
to see what they needed
and determined what
obstacles they faced,"
she recalls. She started
looking for a platform that
could be used to help
facilitate the process. The
PATH Volunteer Hub went
live in November 2016
and has been growing
and evolving ever since--
today there are nearly
3,000 users.
Each year, the PATH Volunteer Hub runs
"Season of Giving," a promotion that
encourages volunteering and donations
around the holidays, resulting in an uptick
in volunteer registrations from November to
December. The site also gets more users in
March and April thanks to the Volunteer Hub's
annual "Let's Volunteer Day," and in August
after Lynn presents at area schools. She also
conducts speaking engagements at churches,
community clubs, civic organizations, and
Chamber of Commerce functions, educating
our community about how they can use the
website to post or find volunteer opportunities.
"People should be able to do what they
love for as long as they want," Lynn says. "I
help them find what inspires them." To learn
more, visit and look for the
"Season of Giving" link.
Lynn Lauritzen
Volunteers from Habitat for Humanity work
together in the Haiti Street Community garden
Volunteers with Helping Hearts and
Handbags smile while packing purses
with items for homeless women