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Discover Fauquier June/July 2018
Appleton Campbell was recently named a recipient of
the prestigious 2018 President's award from Carrier.
The award provides recognition for outstanding dealers
in the heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC)
industry. Dealers were honored at a ceremony in Orlando, Florida. Recipients
of this award demonstrate the very best in operational excellence, business
effectiveness and the delivery of cutting-edge technology to its customers.
Appleton Campbell
provides plumbing,
h e a t i n g , a i r
conditioning, and
electrical ser vice
r e p a i r s a n d n ew
i n s t a l l a t i o n s f o r
r e s i d e n t i a l a n d
business customers
t h r o u g h o u t
Fauquier, Culpeper,
R a p p a h a n n o c k ,
Fr e d e r i c k s b u r g ,
Lo u d o un, Pr inc e
William, and Fairfax
counties in Virginia.
Founded in 1976 by Jim Appleton, grandfather of current President Mike
Appleton, Appleton Campbell has remained a family-owned and operated
business dedicated to the local and regional community. Honesty, integrity,
and experience are the cornerstones on which Appleton Campbell was built
and on which it continues to grow today.
Committed to outstanding customer service Appleton Campbell provides:
Highly trained technicians who treat you and your home with
courtesy and respect
Flat-rate pricing ­ the price you are quoted up front is the price
you will pay­ there are no surprises
Guaranteed service and customer satisfaction
Appleton Campbell holds a Class A License with masters in plumbing, heating
and air conditioning, gas fitter, and electrical.
Supporting the community has always been a priority for Appleton Campbell.
In addition to being an active member of the Fauquier Chamber of Commerce,
Culpeper Chamber of Commerce, and
Prince William Chamber of Commerce,
Appleton Campbell supports the
Warrenton Spring Festival, CulpeperFest,
Fauquier County Fair, Fauquier SPCA,
youth sports leagues, local schools,
local law enforcement, and many local
and regional charitable events.
"The 2018 Carrier President's Award winners have demonstrated excellence in
providing customers with outstanding service as ambassadors of our industry,"
said Chris Nelson, president, North America HVAC Systems & Service. "The
award further establishes their commitment as a leader in their community."
To learn more about Appleton Campbell call 540.347.0765, 703.754.3301
or visit
Appleton Campbell
Receives Carrier Award

-- Heather Appleton
Marketing Director
L to R: Chris Nelson, President, Carrier North America HVAC Systems, David
Meyers, Carrier VP Residential Sales RES Systems, Robert Scott, CEMA VP of
Sales, Stacey, Woodward, Service Manager, Appleton Campbell, Renee Davis,
Asst Sales Manager, Appleton Campbell, Jim Vickers, CEMA GM Washington
Market, Michelle Lee, CEMA Director of Marketing & eCommerce, Matthew Pine,
Carrier General Manager HVAC Residential
& Buyers
Locally or
since 2005
Edie Grassi, Realtor
Edie Grassi
Cell: (540) 878-1308
Offi ce: (540) 349-1221
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