2018 Creating Local Experiences VIRGINIA TOURISM STATE WELCOME CENTERS Community Bulletin Board A Public Service Feature from Discovery Publications Toward the beginning of the classic movie “Gone with the Wind” a sign appears. It says “Do not squander time that is the stuff life is made of.” Borrowed from a similar adage credited to Benjamin Franklin, the meaning is obvious. Each of us has a choice of how best to spend the brief moments we have on this planet. While each person’s life is their own, it should be a common perception one of the best things to do is build memories and have experiences. What makes a good experience? The dictionary offers many definitions for the word, but the first entry is “direct observation of or participation in events.” Something special like a first kiss, seeing a loved one, or a favorite Christmas or birthday are just a few examples of a very long list. It could also mean an adventure: taking a trip, going fishing, zip lining, a ball game, or something out of the ordinary. Whether individually or with others, create experiences by getting involved with others and being active. Seek out “happenings.” On our tiny blue marble, it can often be determined where unique experiences occur. I’ve been fortunate enough to be at some of these happenings, and whether it was Times Square on New Year’s Eve, Berlin when the Wall came down, or a presidential inauguration, these memories last a lifetime. So how best to find the experiences that most interest us? A second definition: “the conscious events of making up an individual life.” While this certainly applies to the above, I think it involves a bit more—aspects we encounter on a daily basis. As I write this during the holiday season, the expression of happiness from giving to others always provides more pleasure than receiving, doesn’t it? The satisfaction of providing for the family, getting a job done successfully, or a knowing look that can be deciphered between people to emphasize understanding and agreement are experiences that give a different kind of satisfaction. This experience is more touching to some since it involves helping others. Considering who we experience with is essential. In my role as a public speaker and historian, I encounter people whom I’ve never met visiting a historical site, often for the first time. In the instant when they arrive, a quick decision on my part is regularly contemplated. Why are they here? What do they ns mmo ©Creative Co want to do? Do they want to hear all I know? Perhaps they would be best served with a 30-second talk? Or do they want to walk by, pretending they don’t notice me wearing the funny period clothing? (A personal observation: when I go to historic locations and encounter people in funny clothes, I am the person who doesn’t want to be noticed— maybe it’s because of what I do so often). It’s nothing against the person, just not what is wished for the experience that day: a sunny day, someone’s company, or simply taking a walk. Solitude is comforting too. So what’s the point of this month’s article? Welcome to 2018! This year, Discovery Publications will be listing places to visit where wonderful experiences can happen. Best of all, they are all going to be in the local area. There is a rich amount of activities, educational and fun, ranging from music, theatre, sports, local history, and a lot more. It’s impossible to keep track of everything going on with the daily bombardment of social media, news, and running around, but we hope to put a few of them out there for you to discover. So step back, take a look at what is around you, especially with the people who are important in your life, and enjoy! academic & career fair: fauquier county Public Schools; Thursday, february 22, 8am-2:15pm. Stop by for a student showcase of electives offered at our high schools. Academic Fair in “Old Gym”, Career Pathways Fair in “New Gym”. Info: Diana Story: dstory@ fcps1.org. Fauquier High School, 705 Waterloo Rd., Warrenton. SweeThearT Swing!: Silver Tones Swing Band; Valentine’s day, wednesday, february 14, 7pm. Make a special date with your sweetie, dedicate a special song. Dance lessons at 7pm. $10 per person includes dessert. www. silvertonesswingband.com. Marshall Community Center, 4133 Rectortown Rd., Marshall. 540-422-8580. carniVal: downtown culpeper; Saturday, february 10, 10:30am-4:30pm. Family fun, artists & performers, live music, masks & beads, restaurant specials, store specials, wagon rides. Magic Show at 5137 S Main St, Culpeper. unicycle: Show & Trial class; Saturday, february 24, 6-7:30pm. Watch unicyclists perform. Try your skill at a mini unicycle or other stunt bike after the show. Vint Hill Village Green Community Center, 4235 Aiken Dr., Warrenton. 540-422-8892. raBieS & microchiP clinic: fauquier SPca; friday, february 16, 9am-2pm. Rabies $15. Microchip $25. No appointment needed. Dogs on leash, cats in carrier. (Cash preferred, Credit Cards accepted). 9350 Rogues Rd., Midland. 540788-9000, www.fauquierspca.com. Pancake SuPPer: Shrove Tuesday at grace church casanova; Tuesday, february 13, 5:30-7pm. All invited to pre-lenten meal of eggs, bacon, sausage & pancakes. Free will offering asked. Grace Church Parish Hall, 5108 Weston Ln., Casanova. SuPPorT grouP for chronic Pain SufferS: helping hands; 1st wednesdays, 3:30pm. For ages 18 and older, for information, & an opportunity to share feelings & issues. Chestnut Room, Fauquier Hospital, 500 Hospital Dr., Warrenton. 540-316-3588. mighTy mike’S karaoke Show: and fundraiser; Saturday, february 24, 8-11pm. Good will offering asked. Hostess Linda Bradshaw. Door prizes, dancing, family fun, large selection of music. Refreshments on sale by Garnished Affair & Narmada Winery. The Eagles Nest, Verdun Adventure Bound, 17004 Adventure Bound Trail, Rixeyville. 540-937-4920, www.verdunadventurebound.org Doug Horhota 30 Discover Fauquier ■ February 2018 To advertise: 540-349-8060 www.discoverypubs.com