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Discover Fauquier May 2019
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Discover Fauquier
2019 Valor Awards:
Honoring Hometown Heroes
The Fauquier Chamber
o f C o m m e r c e
proudly hosted the
Eighth Annual Valor
Awards on April 18
at Fauquier Springs
Country Club, honoring
exemplary public safety
service in a host of
m e n a n d w o m e n
from the Fauquier
County Department
o f F i r e , R e s c u e
a n d E m e r g e n c y
M a n a g e m e nt , t h e
Warrenton Police Department
(WPD), the Virginia State Police, and
the Fauquier County Sheriff's Office.
These individuals have demonstrated
what it means to go the extra mile
to protect our citizens.
The ceremony began by honoring
local veteran Dr. David Snyder
("Doc") with a Community Service
Award. G raduating f rom the
University of Maryland School of
Medicine in 1967, Doc joined the
U.S. Navy, serving as a physician
in trauma surgery and ortho-
trauma surgery in Vietnam and at
the Bremerton Naval Hospital as
an ER physician and orthopedic
surgeon. He co-founded Blue Ridge
Orthopaedics in Warrenton in 1978,
remaining there until his retirement
in 2011. He continues to serve as
an orthopedic surgeon on medical
missionary trips to Thomassique,
In March of 2018, Lieutenant
Brendan Miller of the Department
of Fire, Rescue, and Emergency
Management responded to a multiple
motor vehicle accident involving a
car fire. His adaptive split-second
decision-making abilities resulted in
the fire being extinguished, and two
seriously injured drivers receiving
proper emergency care before being
transported to trauma centers. For
this, Lieutenant Miller earned a
Meritorious Service Award.
Four Warrenton Police Department
staff members were also recognized.
This past January, Officers Michael
Crosswhite and Van G r imes
responded to a disturbance at Home
Depot, where a man was yelling at
employees and took one of them
hostage at knifepoint. Because
of their calm yet
decisive response,
the situation was
resolved without
injury, and for this,
they were presented
with Mer itor ious
Ser vice Awards.
In addition, Officer
Mat thew Egger s
was cited for two
incidents. The first
involved an unexpected
accident during firearms
training, in which rendered
first aid to others despite being injured
himself, and the second involved
convincing a woman in crisis seek a
mental health evaluation. For this, he
was also presented with a Meritorious
Service Award. And finally, Corporal
Christopher Campbell, earned a Life
Saving Award for his quick response to
an attempted suicide victim.
The Virginia State Police were thrilled
to nominate Senior Trooper Robert W.
Marshall, a 16-year department veteran,
for a Meritorious Service Award for his
faithful service in enforcing criminal
and traffic laws as well as helping the
department as an instructor of firearms,
crime prevention, and field training.
The Fauquier County Sheriff's Office
nominated several staff members for
their outstanding service, including
DFC Bobby Lewis and ECS II Danielle
Prichard, who received Lifesaving Awards
for two separate incidents that would have
resulted in loss of life had it not been for
their quick action.
In addition, Cor poral John
Coppage, Detective Brian Colbert,
MDS Scott Staples, MDS Chris
Moline, MDS William Bailey,
DFC Cory Lillard, Detective John
Thorpe, and Trooper Jesse Lewis,
Sgt. Mike Spillars, and MDS Joe
Coppage were presented with
Valor Awards for three separate
And finally, three Fauquier County Sheriff's Office staff members,
including MDS Jordan White, MDS James Arrington, and DFC
Aaron Vescovi, were presented with Meritorious Awards.
We extend our heartfelt thanks and sincere congratulations to
each and every one of these heroes!
Dr . David M. Snyder, Community
Veteran Honoree with Joe Martin,
President, Fauquier Chamber. Photo:
Ciao Bella Celebrations
Lieutenant Brendan Miller
Officer Michael Crosswhite and
Officer Van Grimes with Acting
Warrenton Police Chief Tim Carter.
Photo: Ciao Bella Celebrations
Officer Matthew Eggers
ECS II Danielle Prichard
Sgt. Mike Spillars
MDS James Arrington and
Sheriff Bob Mosier
Senior Trooper Robert W. Marshall
DFC Bobby Lewis
DFC Aaron Vescovi
Mark & Gloria Williams, Red Sponsor,
Mark B. Willialms & Associates, PLC.
Photo: Ciao Bella Celebrations
Master of Ceremonies, Lauryn
Ricketts, Meteorolgist (NBC
Washington & WTOP). Photo:
Ciao Bella Celebrations
Warrenton Police, Cpl. Christopher
Campbell. Photo: Ciao Bella
~ Nancy Griffin-Bonnaire