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When we think about the holiday
season, many of us picture twinkling
decorations, homemade goods, and
spending time with loved ones. But
for some of us, the holidays can bring
hints of sadness, anxiety, or stress. To
better navigate this holiday season,
here are six tips to keep your mental
wellness at the forefront:
1) Don't overextend yourself.
It is okay to say "no." You may
be bombarded with invitations to
parties, celebrations, and other
social gatherings. While invitations
are of fered with the best of
intentions, sometimes they feel
overwhelming. While it is important
to get connected and occasionally
push ourselves outside of our social
comfort zone, it is equally important
to catch our breath and remember
that we can't always be everything
to everyone. Say "yes" to the social
gatherings you feel comfortable
with, but a simple "I'm not able to
attend this year" is acceptable.
2) Get connected.
If you're feeling isolated, connect
with a friend, family member, or
someone you haven't heard from in
a while. If you're feeling especially
bold, strike up a conversation with
someone new! Spending time with
those you care about and those who
are good for your mental health is
important all year, but especially
dur in g t h e h o li day s e as o n.
3) Anticipate that you may
feel stressed.
Try as we might to slow it down,
the holiday season is fast-paced,
so keep in mind that you may feel
some additional stress. See our
next tip for suggestions on how
to de-stress!
4) Find an enjoyable way
to relax.
Relaxing looks different to everyone,
but we all need healthy ways to
calm ourselves when we're in the
midst of a busy schedule. Some
nourishing ways to relax include
trying out a new holiday recipe;
giving back to others (volunteering
opportunities are everywhere--get
engaged with something that feeds
your passion!); or going for a walk
and being mindful of the changing
leaves and brisk air.
5) For those struggling
with loss:
Give yourself permission to grieve
and acknowledge that the holidays
may not be the same as they once
were when your loved one was here.
Shedding a few tears is normal
and part of the healing process.
If possible, find a way to bring
forth positive memories of your
loved one. For those wishing to
include their loved one into the
holiday season, have friends or
family members share their favorite
memory of/with the person; light a
candle in memory of those no longer
here; create a memory book/board
of your loved one and keep it close
during the holidays; or prepare one
of your loved one's favorite meals
and share it with a close friend or
family member.
6) Regarding family: Set
boundaries and be realistic.
Though we may cherish our family
and the time spent with them
during the holidays, it sometimes
proves difficult to accommodate
our relatives' different schedules,
beliefs, or personalities. It is
important to be realistic about the
time you have available and how
you want to spend it. Decide how
much time you want to allocate to
family (three hours, one day, etc.)
and choose a timeframe that makes
you excited to be with them. When
dealing with potential challenges
that could arise with family, try to
work through solutions ahead of
time and decide on responses and
actions you could take that would
make you feel comfortable.
If you are having difficulty coping during
the holiday season, there are numerous
community resources that are here to
help. If you are looking for a therapist
or support group, call the Mental Health
Association at (540) 341-8732 or visit
our website at
Mental Wellness During the Holidays
by Brittany Dwyer
Education and Outreach Coordinator
for the Mental Health Association
SHE 2352/12-19
Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring not even a mouse;
It was then I glanced there by the tree,
Showers, toilets, faucets--I smiled with glee!
ere was a water heater, a Jacuzzi tub and
fancy sinks galore.
It was then that I saw him standing by the door--
He sprang to his sleigh;
to his team he gave a whistle!
And away they ew like the down
of a thistle.
But I heard him exclaim as he drove
out of sight,
Merry Christmas to all and to all
a good night!
(OK so the kids weren't so happy
but Mom sure was!)
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