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Discover Fauquier June 2019
to several men, including
Bill Mercer, a former
Fauquier Habitat building
coordinator, who offered
a hand up by sharing
var ious c onstr uc tion
skills to educ ate the
first cadre of Fauquier
Habitat's Women Build
group in laying foundation,
raising walls, building door
jambs, installing windows,
plumbing, and electrical
wiring, and much more.
M o r e r e c e n t l y, To ny
Toth, who has served as
the building coordinator since 2015,
continues to work with Women Build
on current project needs.
Of Fauquier Habitat's 50+ builds in
the past 28 years, three of them--all
on Sterling Court--have been entirely
funded and built by Women Build
volunteers. The primary funding source
stems from their annual trivia night event,
which includes proceeds from ticket
sales, live and silent auctions, and a
50/50 raffle. The most recent event held
last month raised nearly $7,000. The
group also funds other needs based on
affiliate recommendations. For example,
it gave $20,000 toward a Rappahannock
County build in 2016.
So how do you want to get involved
in Women Build? Regardless of the
path you choose, know that Women
Build volunteers engage in the shared
passion of having a powerful impact
on local families in their new role as
homeowners. Whether you want to
learn a specific construction skill, have
the hands-on experience of building a
home side-by-side with other women,
or participate in fundraising to build
those homes, there's a perfect role
for you. With Women Build, laying
bricks, pounding nails, and raising
walls all lead to the same thing--
creating hope in the families that take
ownership of the homes.
New volunteers are welcome to join at
any time, and no experience is necessary.
Take the first step by attending the next
monthly Women Build meeting on June
6 at 6:30 p.m. at the Fauquier Habitat
for Humanity office at 98 Alexandria
Pike in Warrenton. To learn more,
call (540) 341- 4952 or visit www.
~ Nancy Griffin-Bonnaire
Women Build: Empowering
Fauquier Habitat for Humanity
Since its inception in 1976, Habitat for
Humanity International has striven to
carry out its mission of "bringing people
together to build homes, communities,
and hope," aligning with its vision of a
world where everyone has a decent
place to live.
Established in 1991, the Fauquier
Habitat for Humanity affiliate continues
to carry out the same mission in
Fauquier and Rappahannock counties.
Coincidentally, the parent organization
launched Women Build that same year.
Providing the opportunity for women to
take proactive steps in serving their
communities, Women Build events
include fundraising as well as building
homes from foundation to finishing
touches while downplaying the concept of
construction as a male-dominated field.
Fauquier's Women Build group initially
formed in 2004 and collaborates closely
with the affiliate. Its current chairperson,
Kelp Armstrong, got involved during the
most recent Fauquier County build event,
which began in 2012 at Sterling Court in
Warrenton. Having served as the project
manager for building her own home in
the 1980s, Kelp already possessed the
perspective of how lifechanging it can
be to invest in a house well before its
blueprints come to life as a home.
"What has impressed me about Women
Build is the passion of the women for
people to be effective homeowners,"
says Kelp, who recalls working on
a build in 28-degree weather! She
notes that Women Build volunteers are
diverse individuals who are dedicated
to hearing all points of view and making
decisions collectively.
Make no mistake: Women Build is not
about excluding men, but rather including
women and therefore serving more
families. Kelp notes that they are grateful
Five Women Build volunteers take a break from building
a Fauquier Habitat home on Sterling Court.
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