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Discover Fauquier June/July 2018
The Fauquier Chamber of Commerce proudly hosted the Seventh Annual Valor Awards
on April 26 at Fauquier Springs Country Club, paying tribute to many brave men and
women from the Fauquier County Department of Fire, Rescue
and Emergency Management, the Warrenton Police Department
(WPD), the Virginia State Police, and the Fauquier County Sheriff's
Office. These individuals have demonstrated what it means to go
the extra mile to protect our citizens.
The ceremony began by honoring local veteran Dr. Robby Iadeluca
with a Community Service Award. His service roots began decades
ago when he was deployed to the European Theatre of Operations
during World War II. Dr. Robby continued to help people in various
capacities, most recently in his Warrenton-based private practice,
where he worked with patients dealing with drug addictions from
Fire Chief Darren Stevens of the Fauquier
County Department of Fire, Rescue and
Emergency Management nominated
seven staff members who were recognized
during the ceremony. Last August,
firefighter John Gouldethorpe--who was
off-duty at the time--responded to a car
crash resulting in a fire. He managed to
remove the severely injured driver from the
car and move him to safety, where he was
tended to by Medic 1114 members Andy
Weeks, Anthony Crowder, and Zachary
Flinn as firefighters from Rescue Engine
13, including Gerald Moore, Douglas
Montelone, and Brendan Miller, extinguished the fire. Firefighter Gouldethorpe earned
a Lifesaving Award while the medics and firefighters earned Meritorious Unit Awards.
Seven Warrenton Police Department staff
members were also recognized. Last
November, Sergeant Andrew Arnold was
dispatched to a local business, where a
victim was in cardiac arrest. He assessed
the man and immediately began CPR,
which when accompanied by an Automated
External Defibrillator, revived the victim. In
recognition of his efforts, Sergeant Arnold
was presented with a Lifesaving Award. In
addition, Detective Timothy Carter, a 25-
year WPD veteran, earned a Meritorious
Award for organizing a task force that
brought significant resources together in a high-profile case, which was eventually
solved. And finally, Sergeant Arthur Leeper, Corporal Carl Ferguson, and Officers
Christopher Campbell, Ryan Gray, and Christopher Nixon received a Meritorious
Unit Award for safely apprehending a potentially dangerous
suspect after a high-speed vehicle chase.
The Virginia State Police were thrilled to nominate Trooper
Jesse Lewis, a 10-year department veteran for a Lifesaving
Award, in recognition of having saved two victims from a car
fire in Midland last May. The Liberty High School graduate is
a former Marine who served in Operation Enduring Freedom
and Operation Iraqi Freedom.
The Fauquier County Sheriff's Office nominated several staff
members for their outstanding service, including DFC Aaron
Vescovi, MDS Alex Armstrong, DFC Vanessa
Breedlove, Deputy Nathan Smith, ECSS II Renee
Settle, ECS II Kim Malloy, Sergeant Rob Moline,
and Deputy Will Harner, who received Lifesaving
Awards for six separate incidents that would
have resulted in loss of life had it not been for
their quick action.
In addition, Detective Jason Clark was presented
with a Meritorious Service Award. A 19-year law
enforcement officer, he has only been with the
Sheriff's Department since 2016, but he has had
an enormous impact. He serves in
the criminal investigations division,
putting his significant knowledge and
background in narcotics, vice, and
other organized crime investigations
to good use. In addition, Detective
Clark is a K-9 handler and a UAV
pilot, skills which have served the
department well.
Seven Fauquier County Sheriff's
Of fice staf f members were
presented with Meritorious Awards.
Sergeants Chad Brubaker and Eddie Wines,
Corporals Lance Davenport and Lucas Jacobs,
and Master Deputies Wesley Frost, Chris Snyder,
and Jordan White were recognized for their
outstanding teamwork in locating a missing
10-year-old boy who came close to suffering
hypothermia on a stormy February night.
And finally, 23 Sheriff's Office staff members
were recognized for going above and beyond
the call of duty in the communications center.
From March 24 of this year, during Winter Storm Riley, communications personnel
processed 1,977 incoming calls,
placed 1,509 calls, and dispatched
1,120 calls for service to the
Fauquier County Sheriff's Office, the
Warrenton Police Department, and
the Fauquier County Department
of Fire, Rescue and Emergency
Management to respond to multiple hazards and alarms.
The following people received Meritorious Unit Awards for
their perseverance: Allison Marshall, Tracy Werner, Terry
Pennington, Joseph Murphy, Danielle Prichard, Krystle
Exley, Samantha Ashby, Chavelle Hutchins, Melissa
Thorpe, Gus Anderson, Kim Malloy, Kelsey Omohundro,
Heather Thomas, Cortney Breedlove, Jessica Guilbeau,
Nikia Mason-Sandwell, Kyrene Resel, Emmie Quick Dean,
Kristi Koglin, Shelly Wright, Patty Polizzi, Kim Walkup, and
Chuck Kuhler.
We extend our heartfelt thanks and sincere congratulations
to each and every one of these heroes!
2018 Valor Awards:
Honoring Hometown Heroes
~ Nancy Griffin-Bonnaire
Photos by
Ciao Bella
Dr Robby Iadeluca,
Community Service
Sergeant Andrew
Arnold, Lifesaving
Detective Timothy
Carter, Meritorious
Gloria and Mark Williams
and Joseph R. Pricone
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Mark B. Williams &
Associates, PLC
Trooper Jesse Lewis
Lifesaving Award
Fauquier County Department of Fire, Rescue and
Emergency Management
Meritorious Award, Town of Warrenton
Police Department
Lifesaving Award, Sheriff's Department
Meritorious Award, Sheriff's Department
Meritorious Unit Award, Sheriff's Department