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Discover Fauquier December 2019
Fauquier Community Theatre is excited
to present to the community The Best
Christmas Pageant Ever: The Musical,
based on the children's book of the same
name by Barbara Robinson. Come join
this small-town community as they work to
put on the annual Christmas pageant and
realize the deeper meaning of the season.
The story is brought to life by a fabulous
cast of 29 adults and youth.
The lights come up on a hometown
church service as the ladies' church trio
sings "Our Perfect Little Town." Betty
(Elayna Caron), Luanne (Julia Downes),
and Connie (Alli Rivers) draw you into
the tight-knit community along with the
Reverend (Joel Saunders) and Sunday
School teacher, Mrs. Armstrong (Gabrielle
Buonocore). However, you soon will
realize there is one problem in this town--
the unruly Herdman kids. Ralph (Joseph
Bowers), Imogene (Isabella McDonald),
Leroy (Peter Tessier), Claude (Luke
Tessier), Ollie (Thomas Foley), and Gladys
Herdman (Lucy Underwood) vandalize the
town, steal, and generally terrorize the rest
of the town children.
One day at school, Charlie Bradley (Kyle
Prado) challenges the Herdmans as he
belts "Take My Lunch" and reveals the only
place the town children can relax is Sunday
School. That means that now, not even
church is safe and it's at the worst possible
time! The Herdmans crash Sunday School
on the day the annual Christmas pageant
is being announced. With pageant
director Mrs. Armstrong in the hospital,
The Best Christmas Pageant Ever:
The Musical
she calls Grace Bradley (Carole Tessier),
and in true 1960s music style explains
she's "Countin' On You." Now Grace
must direct the pageant and rein in the
Herdman kids without losing the rest of
the church kids. Will Grace be able to pull
off the annual pageant or will it be ruined
by Herdmans? Will this small town be
able to see the Herdmans for more than
rough-and-tough kids from the wrong side
of the tracks? Be entertained by the witty
dialogue and catchy music ("Hey, Mrs.
Bradley," "My Mother Said," "Die Herod
Die," "Baskets for the Needy," and so many
more), and find out if this community can
remember the true meaning of Christmas.
The Best Christmas Pageant Ever: The
Musical book and lyrics are by Jahnna
Beecham, music and lyrics by Malcolm
Hillgartner. It is produced by Amanda
Gibson and directed by Diane King.
This show is a perfect Christmas family
event, where we are reminded to be more
generous, not with our wallets, but with
our hearts. Bring the kids and get into the
Christmas spirit. The show is lighthearted
and funny, yet teaches valuable lessons
about empathy, generosity, compassion,
and love. As the closing song "Let There
Be Joy" suggests, everyone will leave
feeling "joy, joy, joy!"
Fauquier Community Theatre's production
of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever:
The Musical will be performed at the Vint
Hill Theatre located at 4225 Aiken Drive,
Warrenton, on November 29 & 30, and
December 6, 7, 13, &
14 at 7:30 p.m., and
December 1, 8, & 15
at 2:00 pm. Tickets
are $18 for students,
$20 for seniors, and
$22 for adults. More
information and
reserved seating for
all of the performances
is available online
at, by
Tickets@, or
by calling
(540) 349-
8760 and leaving a
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