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After running several
small schools and
researching effective
teaching strategies,
Kathleen Katz
decided to create a
learning environment
that reflected the
best practices she
had witnessed. In
2011, she opened
St. Anne's Academy for Girls, a
classical Catholic independent morning
education program offering a rigorous
academic program that teaches girls in
pre-K through grade 7 to think logically,
read critically, and communicate articulately.
Kathleen explains that St. Anne's focuses on
providing a small-group learning environment,
ensuring each student remains appropriately
challenged. "Developing faith is foremost in
the program goals, since this is how fear, a
major obstacle in achievement, is overcome,"
Kathleen says. "A student must feel she is in
a safe environment in order for the brain to
function at its peak. Faith tells her that `all is
well.' It gives her a reason to move forward
without hesitation, to know it will all work out,
despite challenges she may face. Faith will
propel her to accomplish goals and fulfill her
~ Nancy Griffin-Bonnaire
Tippy's Taco House
Welcomes New Managing
oN BusiNess
Now in his 29th
year of owning and
Taco House, Ron
Bochette is pleased
to announce
that long-time
employee Ali Horn
was promoted to
managing partner
last March. The
Fauquier native joined the Warrenton
restaurant staff full time in November of
2009 as a server and worked her way up
through the years, learning all aspects of
the business. She continues to build her
business knowledge skills through classes
at Lord Fairfax Community College, but
many of her traits, such as being a terrific
communicator and genuinely caring person,
are simply ingrained in her! As managing
partner, Ali will be compensated annually
with a portion of the restaurant business over
the next decade, at which point she will have
the option to purchase the business from
Ron. In the interim, however, she'll remain
focused on ensuring that Tippy's continues
its tradition of providing the freshest
Mexican food specialties, including tacos,
burritos, enchiladas! To learn more, call
(540) 349-2330.
Kathleen Katz
St. Anne's Academy for Girls
Nurtures Future Leaders
purpose." To learn more, call
(571) 441-2663
Ron Bochette & Ali Horn