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Discover Western Prince William September 2018
If the classic rock genre
and nostalgia in general
excite you, you owe
yourself a trip to music
and novelty gift store
Dragon Song. John
Burgess, owner of this
40-year-old business,
will happily sit and
banter with you one-
on-one, sharing what
can only be described
as an encyclopedic
knowledge of all things
rock `n' roll.
Although the shop doesn't have a website,
its positive Yelp reviews are plentiful.
"The great thing about John," shares
one reviewer, "is that he does not come
across as a `know-it-all' and will gladly
listen to your trip down memory lane just
as much as he is willing to share his."
Take, for example, John's 12th summer,
on a westward excursion in the family
station wagon to see U.S. national parks
and forests. After the Burgesses became
acquainted with a fellow traveler over the
course of a few rest stops, the gentleman
offered young John a ride on the back
of his motorcycle through three states.
(He cheerfully accepted.) Now add a
60s soundtrack, and you have a pretty
good idea of what his childhood looked
and sounded like.
Just as interesting as John's past is
that of his family. Related to the Lees
(yes, those Lees) on his mother's side,
John's ancestors received a gift of a large
tract of land from the prominent Lord
Fairfax about 300 years ago. Today, we
know these stretches as Chantilly and
Centreville. John's great-grandmother
was the last one in the family permitted
burial in the family cemetery at Leeton
Grove on Walney Road.
Over time, the property was reduced to
about 150 acres and a dairy farm. This
is the version John remembers, where
he grew up surrounded by nature, farm
hands, and extensive family. Every other
summer, the Burgesses would take a new
route to explore the country and even pay
formal visits to Indian reservations, thanks
to his mother's job in the U.S. Department
of the Interior in Indian Affairs. "The elders
lived in the center of the village," John
remembers. "My parents were allowed
to go in and have tea, but the kids had
to stay and wait in the station wagon."
Fast forward to 1978, the year John
decided to sell beloved albums that
local radio stations refused to play back
then--think Steppenwolf, Three Dog
Night, and underground music like Jimi
Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, and the Doobie
Brothers. Leap forward again to 2018,
and Dragon Song remains a perfectly
unmolested time machine, still secure
against the assault of change brought
by the digitization of music and the ease
of online listening.
But like all change, this particular type
has a pendulum--and it's swinging back.
Young folks are turning to John for advice
on which great artists, albums, and bands
to listen to, and they also want tips on
how to take care of their vinyl albums.
He enjoys talking to customers of all
ages about the stories those albums
tell through their thoughtful lyrics and
themed tracks. "It's funny," he says. "I've
been through three recessions and God
knows how many presidents. But I have
a whole new generation now. In the last
decade or so, vinyl has made a comeback,
and so have teenagers who want record
players for Christmas."
In addition to new and used records,
Dragon Song patrons can f ind
popular and obscure music on CDs,
8-tracks, and cassettes, as well as
T-shirts and other gifts. To learn more,
(703) 369-7640.
~ Caitlin Scott
John Burgess
Dragon Song Provides
Four Decades of
Classic Music
Dragon Song Provides
Four Decades of
Classic Music
8275 Maple Tree Ln
Warrenton Va 20188
You assume all risks when you set forth on the trail
around this old abandoned farm. Hikers beware!
Opening Friday, September 28
Fridays and Saturdays Until Saturday, October 27
Ticket sales start at 7pm with last ticket sold at 10pm.
Food available on site includes Cows-N-Corn ice cream, kettle corn, warm/cold drinks and snacks.
Games, videos and music with special performances (special nights).
$18 per person, Cash or CC (MC, VISA, Discover)
not recommended for children under 12,
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The school's primary division teacher puts all of her experience--in dance,
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