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Discover Western Prince William October 2019
Since opening its doors in March of
2014, Haymarket Medical Center has
transformed the community's access to
quality healthcare. The hospital offers
a host of services, including labor and
delivery, infusion services, orthopedics
and sports medicine, heart and vascular
services, stroke and neurology services,
primary care, and much more. This broad
offering means Haymarket residents no
longer have to travel to access healthcare
services, be it for an injury, chronic illness,
or emergency.
"Five years go by in the blink of an eye,
especially in the fast-paced world of
healthcare," says Stephen Smith, MD,
president and chief operating officer at
Haymarket Medical Center. "We've spent
this time building a reputation as a hospital
our community can trust. The ability to
deliver high-quality healthcare from expert
professionals close to home is important to
us. Haymarket lacked this level of access
for a long time."
Dr. Smith expresses the pride he
feels seeing his team in action, safely,
professionally, and thoroughly providing
services to people in need, and it's
warranted. Haymarket Medical Center
has earned an "A" grade in patient safety
from the Leapfrog Group, a nonprofit
organization that assesses hospitals
nationwide and assigns safety grades
based on its findings in their ability to
prevent medical errors, injuries, accidents,
infections, and other harm to patients.
Haymarket Medical Center was rated in
the top 32% of hospitals nationwide after
the Spring 2019 survey.
While celebrating what the hospital has
already accomplished in its short time,
Dr. Smith also has his eyes on the future.
"We hope to continue to be trusted by the
community and be responsive to their
needs," he says, adding that it wants to be
the facility where people feel comfortable
receiving care and recommending it to
others. "To continue down this path, we're
constantly evaluating and assessing how
Five Years of Quality Care,
Close to Home
By Susan Tulino
Public Relations Manager
Novant Health UVA Health System
our existing service
lines address the
c o m m u n i t y ' s
needs," he adds. "If
we see a gap, we try
to fill it by bringing
in new providers,
technologies, or
even expanding
o u r s e r v i c e
l i n e o f f e r i n g s .
A n d t h r o u g h
participation in our
Community Healthcare Needs Assessment
survey, community members are sharing
healthcare needs with us."
Newly introduced innovations at Haymarket
Medical Center include a da Vinci XI
surgical robot and 3D mammography.
The medical center is also heightening
its focus on surgical subspecialties,
including orthopedic, bariatric, and surgical
oncology for colorectal cancers among
other services.
Overall, patients have become far more
sophisticated healthcare consumers.
They have higher expectations and a
knowledge base that contributes to its
ever-evolving dynamics. Dr. Smith has
observed this, noting, "It all boils down to
trust. We want to be seen as patients' first
choice of hospitals--not just because we're
nearby, but because the services and care
we offer are so comprehensive that they
want to come to us. I think we're well on
our way, and patient satisfaction feedback
is telling us we are on the right track."
The surrounding community was invited
to celebrate Haymarket Medical Center's
fifth birthday at a free, family-friendly
event on September 21. The Haymarket
Family Fall Festival featured food trucks,
a photo booth, and local fire, EMS,
and police teams with firetrucks and a
medevac helicopter for kids to touch. Table
displays provided information on services,
appointments, and opportunities to meet
providers from primary care and a wide
array of specialists. The event served
to celebrate a milestone for the medical
center, as well as to recognize hard daily
work from dedicated physicians, nurses,
administrators and team members.
For more information about Novant Health
UVA Health System Haymarket Medical
Center, visit
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