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by Lorenzi
Made in Austria
Come see this one-of-a-kind Deco piece
and other fi ne collectibles in
Old Town Warrenton.
Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring not even a mouse;
It was then I glanced there by the tree,
Showers, toilets, faucets--I smiled with glee!
ere was a water heater, a Jacuzzi tub and
fancy sinks galore.
It was then that I saw him standing by the door--
He sprang to his sleigh;
to his team he gave a whistle!
And away they ew like the down
of a thistle.
But I heard him exclaim as he drove
out of sight,
Merry Christmas to all and to all
a good night!
(OK so the kids weren't so happy
but Mom sure was!)
Merry Christmas
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Rev. Madelyn Campbell
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Bull Run Unitarian Universalists
The Thanksgiving leftovers
were still raw ingredients on the
shelf, and I was already being
bombarded with TV commercials
telling me about all the things I
needed to make my Christmas
perfect. Perhaps you've seen
them too. Apparently, what I
need to make my holiday season
just right is a new car! Which I
can get at this spectacular Black
Friday event. Or perhaps it was
that car...and also this particular
jewelry from that particular store.
According to the commercials,
this is how I will prove--prove--
to the people I love, that I love
Alas. Now, we humans have been
decrying the commercialization of
Christmas at the expense of the
deeper meaning for generations.
In recent years, however, I think
we've taken things to a whole
new level of excess. As a child
growing up in the 1960s and `70s,
I can remember stores opening
up and having sales on the day
after Thanksgiving. In the last
several years, this has turned
into opening up at 3:00 a.m., and
then midnight, and now, 5:00
p.m. on Thanksgiving Day! Hurry
up and give thanks for what you
have, and then eat so that you
can run out and buy more stuff!
Did you know that there's a spike
in the beginning of foreclosure
proceedings every year in March?
It takes three months of missed
payments before foreclosure
proceedings begin, and every
year there's a spike in March.
We are bankrupting ourselves to
buy presents for the holidays. But
there are more ways to bankrupt
ourselves than just financially.
What does it mean when we start
to believe that the only value we
can show to one another is in
the amount of money we spend?
What are we trying to fill up in
ourselves by accumulating more
and more stuff? How much stuff
do we need?
Now, I'm not advocating an
ascetic lifestyle. I'm not opposed
to shopping or gift giving. I like
presents. I like to give them, and
I like to get them, too. But for me,
so much is in the act of giving
Have you ever been party to a
gift competition? This happens
when, for example, Grandma
Sally wants to be sure that her
gift is somehow better than
Grandma Betty's gift. Or when
Stepdad wants to be sure that
his gift proves he loves you just
as much as Regular Dad. But is it
the price tag of the gift the value
of the love behind it? What's the
real cost?
What are the gifts that have
shown you that someone truly
cared for you? Perhaps it was
the gift of time, or a special
family heirloom, or something
handmade. There are so many
ways to say, "I care."
If you like to go shopping, you
should go shopping. If you feel
that it's time to get a new car,
then you should get one. But a
new car won't make Christmas
perfect. The shepherds who left
their flocks in the fields to rush to
a stable in Bethlehem didn't worry
about stopping to get just the right
gift. They didn't go to the Black
Friday event to get the perfect
car to drive to the stable. They
didn't go online to order exactly
the right Christmas decorations
to make sure that the stable
would sparkle. No--they saw and
heard the angel, and they picked
up and went, just as they were.
The shepherds received the full
meaning of Christmas without
any of the trappings.
What do you need to be fulfilled?
May you find
your bargains
in unexpected
and delightful
places this