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Helping you get out of pain without medication or surgery
Dry Needling, Aquatic Physical Therapy, Pre-Hab (before surgery), Vestibular/Vertigo
Treatment, Spine Treatment, Joint Replacement Rehab, Custom Orthotics, Spinal
Adjustments, Soft Tissue Work, Balance & Fall Prevention, Knee and Shoulder Rehab,
Customized Orthotics, Neurological/Stroke Treatment, Video Gait Analysis
Across from "At Home" in Manassas Mall
8551 Rixlew Lane, Suite 340 Manassas, VA 20109 ·
Most Insurance & Medicare Accepted
"I have been going to FYZICAL
Manassas for many years and have
always been pleased with the outcome.
My right leg and lower right back pain
have kept me from climbing stairs and
lifting my right leg high. I can now climb
stairs and have less pain when getting
out of bed in the morning.
I believe the 4 times of aquatic therapy
helped with my progress. I thank the
staff for their professional help and
concern. It's a great place!"
No longer do children have to face the
tedium of taking out another boring textbook
and listening to the teacher lecture as they
struggle to memorize the facts. At least
that does not describe the kindergarten
and junior kindergarten classes at The
Merit School of Old Town Manassas.
The Merit School utilizes the revolutionary
new Advanc ed Conc ept s For a
Better Future, an accelerated teaching
methodology that encourages the
recognition of individualism among students
while exposing them to advanced subject
material and guiding teachers on how to
partner with local professionals to take
advantage of community resources.
S c i e n c e
i s t h e
A d v a n c e d
C o n c e p t
i n t h e
c l a s s
t h i s y e a r.
Through a
v a r i e t y o f
and field trip
s t u d e n t s
are learning
about space
the evolution of aeronautical engineering,
and how mechanical engineering and
robotics technology are influencing the
future of space travel. Through the study
of astronomy and astrophysics, students
are looking at objects and matter outside
of Earth's atmosphere (i.e. planets, moons,
stars, galaxies, etc.) and learning how
physics and chemistry play a role on our
planet and beyond.
Planned field trips include the Children's
Science Center at Fair Oaks Mall, where
they will make magnetic slime; the Udvar-
Hazy Center, the Smithsonian National Air
and Space Museum's annex in Chantilly,
where they will watch a demonstration
about gravity, see the space shuttle, and
learn about what it's like to live in space;
and iFLY, an indoor skydiving center in
Ashburn, where they will learn about flying
and gravity. The children also look forward
to having fun dissecting pumpkins, learning
how they float, and continuing to learn
about gravity at Cox Farms in Centreville.
"I chose a topic that I was fascinated with,"
explains kindergarten teacher, Robin
Gazes. "The Advanced Concept is woven
throughout the regular curriculum. We
use spelling, math, measuring, counting
(forwards and backwards), and even
art and music while learning about the
solar system, the phases of the moon,
constellations, and the stars. Sometimes
the kids even teach me! It's so rewarding
to see them having fun and learning."
Sports and Health Medicine is the Advanced
Concept of the junior kindergarten class.
While learning through play, students gain
an understanding of themselves and see
how they can keep their bodies fit through
team sports, exercise routines, personal
health, and a "can-do" attitude. From
their minds to their bones, students are
learning about healthy lifestyles through
proper nutrition, exercise, fun and play,
and a positive mind and spirit.
Recently, the four-year-olds were fully
engaged in a hands-on activity as they
selected the proper placement of plastic
food items on a large chart depicting
protein, grains, sugars, dairy, and fruits
and vegetables. They each proceeded to
properly "set their table" and then selected
a food from each category to put on their
plate. It was obvious that they had fun
while learning about proper nutrition.
Teacher Renee Tapscott discussed Mollie
Katzen's Salad People, a cookbook for
preschoolers that allows young cooks to
count, measure, cut (safely), mix, assemble,
taste, observe, and have fun while gaining
a healthy relationship with food.
Originator of the immensely popular
teaching format, Amie Canter, is thrilled
to see her curriculum ideas come to life
in a third Merit School in Virginia. "I love
seeing teachers get excited about teaching
again," Amie comments.
The Merit School of Old Town Manassas
is located at 8757 Signal Hill Road. To
learn more, visit or
call admissions at (703) 361-5113.
The Merit School of Old Town Manassas
Makes Learning Fun
~ Lynnette Esse
Pick your planet! The students learned about
placement of the planets closest and farthest from
the sun. They were able to choose the planet of their
choice and paint it.
Advanced Concept recycled rocket
built by the students.