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Discover Western Prince William June/July 2018
Doug Horhota
anassas City
Police Department
Summertime Community Events
This summer, the Manassas City Police
Department (MCPD) will host and participate in
several community events. MCPD is excited to
host its Sixth Annual Police Camp and National
Night Out event.
The camp offers rising
freshman students
entering Osbourn High
School the opportunity
to learn about policing
and participate in
interactive police-
related activities.
During the camp in
June, students will
work with Manassas
City Police Department
staff, who will instruct
them on various police
duties from traffi c stops to defensive tactics.
Students will be introduced to various specialty
units within the police department, such as
Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT), Civil
Disturbance Unit, K-9, Scuba Team, Crisis
Negotiation, Motors, and Investigations.
They will also attend the Emergency Vehicle
Operations Center. Students will be involved in
real-life police activities such as, attending roll
call, physical training, and
mock scenarios in which
they will use the training
they receive and put it
into action. In addition to
learning about a career
in law enforcement, the
camp also emphasizes
critical skills like
effective communication,
teamwork, and leadership.
These skills will assist the students as they
embark on their journey through high school.
On Tuesday, August 7
, MCPD will host
National Night Out from
6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. at
the Manassas Museum
located at 9101
Prince William Street.
National Night Out is
a time for neighbors to
come together to take
a stand against crime
in their neighborhoods.
The event sends the
message to criminals
that Manassas
neighborhoods do and
will continue to fi ght
back against crime.
It also raises safety and drug awareness,
strengthens neighborhood spirit, and enhances
community partnerships with the police and
other fi rst responders.
Admission is free and everyone is invited
to attend. This year's event will
host various displays and vendors
from around the area. The police
department will have static and
interactive displays, free food, live
music, games, a moonbounce, and
much more!
For more information on National
Night Out, or if you're interested in
being a vendor at the event, contact
the Community Relations Offi cer
C.D. Sharp at
(703) 257-8110.
When store owners Karla Myre, Brenda
Solomon, and Pam Swinford started kicking
around names for their new consignment shop
in Haymarket two years ago, Karla suggested
The Copper Cricket. She had one on her
hearth at home and thought of it as bringing
good luck, energy, and healing into her life,
thus the perfect name for their new store.
The Copper Cricket's name has worked its
magic, as it was recently deemed the second
most popular consignment shop in all of
Northern Virginia by Virginia Living magazine.
Their loyal clientele, who voted for them in
earnest, often visit the shop weekly and ask
affectionately, "What's chirping at The Cricket?"
With over 1,300 consignors providing the shop's
inventory, there are always new treasures
to discover. Merchandise that has been on
display for over 30 days is either picked up
by the consignor or donated, so the inventory
stays fresh and exciting. Even on a weekday
afternoon, the shop is busy and full of energy.
"It sometimes feels like a local barber shop
in here, where everybody comes in to see
what's new, look for decorating ideas, and
decompress," Pam says. "We learn the regular
customers' names and call them when we
receive something they have been looking for."
The Copper Cricket selectively offers an eclectic
mix of antique and modern high-end home
goods, such as furniture, pillows, art, and
accessories. They do not sell clothing but
offer a small array of jewelry, handbags, and
scarves. Discerning clientele even drive from
Maryland, West Virginia, or North Carolina to
pick up special hard-to-find items they have
seen posted on Facebook.
Consignors are limited to bringing in a
maximum of 15 items per day, Tuesday
through Friday. Once sold, the selling price
is split 50/50 between the consignor and
the store. Check out what's chirping at The
Cricket by visiting them or give them a call
(703) 743-2346.
~ Lynnette Esse
What's Chirping at
"The Cricket?"
Karla Myre, Pam Swinford,
and Brenda Solomon