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...Victoria Wu, general manager of Cakes by Happy Eatery on Liberia Avenue in
Manassas, knows that there is a reason to celebrate every day. At the moment, their
customers are caught up in traditional celebrations of the season, and that often
means there's a need for desserts. From a single dazzling centerpiece cake to a
dessert bar that's as visually stunning as it is delicious, this bakery never disappoints.
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Shop at home, save at home
For more than a half-century,
Battlefield Ford Commercial
Truck Center, a division of
Battlefield Ford, has provided
a broad range of commercial
vehicles to businesses across
the entire country. This includes
food trucks, which have
exploded in popularity in recent
years, and this dealership took
that particular industry to a new
Commercial accounts manager
Dave Powers explains that
for food truck entrepreneurs
based in Washington, DC, the
Manassas dealership is the
only place in the country where
they can purchase a food truck
that adheres to the nation's
capital size limit, which is 18
and a half feet in overall length.
He notes that standard trucks
come in a variety of cargo area
lengths, including 10, 12, 14,
16, 18, 20, 22, and 24 feet,
before they are outfitted with
kitchen areas. In 2016, the
dealership had several 10-foot
factory manufactured step vans
customized into food trucks
that meet the 18-and-a-half foot
limit, and since then they have
continued to sell them.
Dave points out that prior to
creating these customized,
Ford factory-certified
~ Nancy Griffin-Bonnaire
trucks, people attempted to
create their own vehicles that
would meet the size limit by
cutting off pieces of the truck
frame--an enormous potential
safety risk. In addition, he
sometimes attempted to retrofit
old trucks (such as UPS vans)
with new kitchens, which is
Choosing a customized truck
that is already prepared for
kitchen installations is a more
reliable investment.
Best of all, Battlefield Ford
Commercial Truck Center can
finance both the new food
truck and the kitchen outfitting
as a single project--and get
a terrific warranty as well.
Most commercial buyers opt
for an extended warranty and
maintenance plan, which
means they don't have to
worry about breakdowns
or maintenance costs
for seven years--peace
of mind at its best!
To learn more, call
(703) 396-6819.
Dave Powers
Battlefield Ford
Commercial Truck Center:
A Cut Above the Competition!