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Discover Western Prince William June/July 2018
T h e C i t y o f
Manassas recently
lost one of its
loyal citizens and
employees, John
G . C ar t w r i ght ,
who served as the
City Manager from
When Mr. Cartwright arrived in Manassas
in 1986, it was the fastest growing city
in the Commonwealth, and this growth
presented new government challenges.
From the beginning, Mr. Cartwright
had an open door policy, which was
extended to staff, residents, and reporters
alike, and he decided early on to attend
every meeting he "heard about" to
become better acquainted with the
community. Throughout his tenure, he
often commented about the wonderful
people in the City of Manassas and how
they made his job easier.
"John was the first City Manager
with whom I served," says Mayor Hal
Parrish. "He was the consummate
professional and had the great respect of
Remembering Former
City Manager John G. Cartwright
not only our council, but our entire staff
within our city departments. I remember
a moment that may seem small to some
but meant great things for our city and
to me. John and I were walking together
in City Hall, and I asked him what he
thought was the most important part of
his job and what he enjoyed the most. His
answer was working with council and
creating a budget to serve our citizens
each year. He did both so well, and the
city, our citizens, and our council and
staff benefitted from his professional
service to Manassas."
Having earned his graduate degree
from the University of Michigan, Mr.
Cartwright was an avid fan and brought
back stadium cups and Petoskey stones
for staff from his trips to Michigan. In
1999, after managing cities for more
than 40 years in five states, he and
his wife C.J. retired to their dream
house on Long Lake in Traverse City,
Michigan. The city's thoughts and
prayers are with his wife, four children,
and grandchildren.
~Nancy Griffin-Bonnaire
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Brown together:
1/2 lb. chopped & sauted Bacon
1 Medium chopped onion
1 lb. Ground Beef
Drain any fat.
Mix together:
1 can baby lima beans
1 can kidney beans
1 can baked beans
(Do not drain beans)
Add to Bean Mixture:
1 Tablespoon dry mustard
1 Teaspoon salt
1/2 Cup ketchup
1/2 Cup brown sugar
Mix all ingredients together. Place in oven-proof
casserole. Bake for 1 hour at 350 degrees. Enjoy!
Calico Beans Recipe
For Father's Day or
4th of July!