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Discover Western Prince William August 2017
It's summertime 1963, and the American girl group Angels has a hit song "My
Boyfriend's Back in Town," made famous by The Chiffons. Hey-la, hey-la,
the sun is shining, and the '60s songs and smiles are on at
Swirlie's, a
soft-serve ice cream destination on Pennsylvania Avenue on the
outskirts of Manassas.
Now in their seventh season, owners David and Suzanne
Corbin couldn't be happier as they dole out dollops of
their silky smooth ice cream confections to a legion
of loyal followers who enjoy the oldies tunes along
with their treats. Serving up a myriad of fl avors and
topping choices, the Corbins set up shop from early
March to before Thanksgiving in November.
"I like nostalgia," grins David who, as a youngster,
fondly recalls visiting a doting grandfather and his
"Dairy Delight" ice cream shop in Sperryville. David
may have gotten ice cream in his blood to fi nd himself
fi nally at the helm of ice cream heaven. After years of
working the Prince William County Fair and serving food
at NASCAR events at the Old Dominion Speedway, it was
serendipitous that the Corbins met Ron Devine,
who owned Swirlie's ice cream shop at the time.
"I credit God and Ron Devine for our success,"
laughs David. For the Corbins, serving ice cream is only the beginning. They
want to make memories for families as well. They have created a classy, retro
carnival look, with 12 tables adorned with colorful blue and white hurricane
proof umbrellas. On Fridays, families enjoy free movies in the grassy area that
surrounds their large parking lot. There's plenty of room for kids to run and
play in the protective view of their parents. It's a fun and friendly atmosphere,
and that's exactly how the Corbins like it.
While ice cream is the main theme
at Swirlie's, the Corbins offer another
foodie creation on Saturdays--porky
taters, a baked potato with fi xings stuffed
with pulled pork. Hawaiian shaved ice,
technically known as TropicalSno, is
another big seller. As light as cotton
candy, with the icy airiness of snowfl akes
melting in your mouth, this specialty treat
is shaved from a large block of ice. But
unlike traditional snow cones, these
shaved ice confections are fl avored
through and through--no juice falling to
the bottom--just heavenly snow
mist available in a rainbow of
juices like blue raspberry,
lemon, mango,
strawberry, grape, and
orange. Additionally,
the Corbins created
gelatos--a frozen
confection of shaved
ice with ice cream in the
middle. The combination
is divine, lovely to look at and deliciously wonderful to
Other specialty fl avors include cookie dough, warm apple
pie sundae, New York cheesecake sundae, and banana
A Destination Where Families Gather
~ Anita L. Sherman
split. Suzanne makes her own praline nuts
and brownies, and enjoys offering seasonally
themed treats like pumpkin whoopie
pie ice cream sandwiches in the
fall, and Easter egg baskets
in spring. And let's not forget
your canine companions:
there are pup cups for them.
Going through several
hundred gallons of ice
cream a week, David
is a stickler for the little
details that make all the
difference, like keeping their ice cream machinery
in meticulous working order with daily cleanings.
Both the Corbins have an unwavering commitment
to serving their community through Spirit Nights, and
hosting sport teams and groups like the Boy Scouts, with
a portion of the proceeds benefi ting those organizations.
The Corbins are hands-on owners and are on site
every day. While Suzanne manages their staff of
nearly 20, David concentrates on the grounds, the
landscape, the collection of nostalgic objects he has
on display, and whatever else is necessary to keep things running smoothly.
Together, they've built
Swirlie's--open Sunday
through Thursday, 11:00
a.m.-10:00 p.m. and
Friday and Saturday,
11:00 a.m.-11:00 p.m.--
a business big on ice
cream, atmosphere,
quality, and good
"And we've met so many
people...many of them
now our friends," smiles
David. "This is a perfect
fi t for us." To learn
more, stop by or call
(703) 361-3830.
"We sell more than ice cream; just as important to us
is the atmosphere." Suzanne Corbin
Swirlie's owners, David and Suzanne Corbin offer
soft serve cones like this Tropical Orange.
Audrey, a Brentsville High School
student, made this Swirlie's
specialty, a rainbow-colored
Hawaiian shaved ice that is served
in their handy spill cup.
A refreshing treat--
a Swirlie's gelato--ice cream in the
middle of Hawaiian shaved ice.
Their truck displays the familiar Swirlie's graphic
with the motto "Where families gather".
The Swirlie's classy blue and white retro carnival look evokes
a cool and inviting setting.