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Discover Western Prince William December 2018
Owner Carol White, along with some of her HoneyBaked Ham staff, including
Emily Chaplin, Wendy Knipfer, and Jinhee Kim, shows off one of their signature
sumptuous hams in the Gainesville shop. You can get a bone-in quarter, half,
or whole ham, or a boneless ham with all the fixings. Be sure to stop by to
sample some of their many treats that are on display to tempt their visitors.
You'll find the delicious details on the front page.
What a Feast!...
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Ever wonder what the
difference is between
bourbon and whiskey?
N o t a l l w h i s k e y s
are bourbon, but all
bourbons are whiskey,
so the differences make
for interesting trivia.
Bourbon's criteria are a bit more
specifi c than whiskey. Bourbon
is a whiskey that is produced
in the United States. In 1789,
Elijah Craig (who was, ironically,
a Baptist minister) was credited
with creating bourbon; however,
there may have been other corn
distillers in Kentucky at the same
time. In 1963, the U.S. government
formally declared bourbon to be
the only native American Spirit.
While 95% of bourbon is produced
in Kentucky, there are a select
number of distilleries around the
United States that meet the clearly-
defi ned bourbon standards.
The mixture of grains from which
bourbon is distilled must be made
of a minimum of 51% corn. The
rest of the mix is usually fi lled out
with malted barley, rye, or wheat.
It must be distilled at
160 Proof or less and
may not contain any
additives. It must be
aged in a new, charred
oak barrel at 125 Proof
or less. As the bourbon
ages in the barrel, the
mixture is forced into and out of
the barrel's wood, which gives it
a warm, full flavor. It must be a
minimum of 80 Proof at the time
of bottling.
As the bourbon moves through the
charred oak barrel, evaporation
occurs so it cannot stay in there
forever. To be considered "straight
bourbon," it must be aged for at
least two years. If it has been aged
for fewer than four years, it must
have an age statement on the label.
If you purchase a bottle of "straight
bourbon" without an age on the
label, it has been aged for more
than four years. Bourbon will take
on a very woody fl avor if it sits in
the barrel for too long, so timing
is everything!
As you are relishing your next glass
of this clear, honey-colored spirit,
you'll feel a little more confi dent
in the uniqueness of your (now)
educated choice!
To learn more, call (571) 292-1115
or visit
-- Katie Quadrini For KO Distilling
Bill Karlson (L) and John O'Mara (R)
KO Distilling Manassas, VA
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