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Discover Western Prince William October 2018
11949 Livingston Rd.
Manassas, VA 20109
O cial VA State Trailer
Safety Inspection Station.
Trailer Repair Parts, Service,
Sprayliners & Maintenance.
Goose Neck, Trailer, &
Fifth Wheel Hitches.
Keeping Your Precious Cargo Safe!
Balls Ford Road
Truck &
Trailer Supply
Rt. 66
Exit 44
8275 Maple Tree Ln
Warrenton Va 20188
You assume all risks when you set forth on the trail
around this old abandoned farm. Hikers beware!
Opening Friday, September 28
Fridays and Saturdays Until Saturday, October 27
Ticket sales start at 7pm with last ticket sold at 10pm.
Food available on site includes Cows-N-Corn ice cream, kettle corn, warm/cold drinks and snacks.
Games, videos and music with special performances (special nights).
$18 per person, Cash or CC (MC, VISA, Discover)
not recommended for children under 12,
Follow on Facebook and Instagram for discounts,
special ticket pricing and weather updates
Remember these simple plumbing tips
to keep your plumbing fixtures in good
working order.
Dishwashers, Ice Makers, and
Washing Machines
Run your dishwasher and washing
at night or at off-peak times
to conserve water temperature and
Check all
supply hoses for bulges,
leaks, or signs of weakness.
Clean out the
lint trap if you have an
older washing machine and put a wire
trap or a piece of pantyhose over the
end of the hose that drains the washer.
Check to make sure that all
connections are tight and leak-free.
Garbage Disposals
Never put hard-to-grind waste into
the disposal (chicken skins, bones,
carrots, celery, banana peels); they will
clog the drain.
Run cold water for 15 seconds before
and after using the disposal to flush
waste down the main line.
Turn on the disposal before adding
food waste.
Don't pour
fats or cooking oils down
the drain--they will harden in the pipes
and create clogs.
Make sure that all drains have
strainers to prevent hair, soap and,
debris from clogging the drain lines.
Floors, Basement, and Walls
Slow floor drains should be snaked to
make sure they will carry away water
fast if there is a flood.
If you have a
sump pump, make sure it
works by pouring a few buckets of water
into the sump pit. The pump should
quickly turn on, discharge the water,
and then shut off without any problems.
Install a battery-operated
flood alarm.
Check around the base of the toilet for
signs of water damage (rolled vinyl,
black or white stains, etc.)
Check for leaky or
loose wall tiles by
pressing on them where they come
in contact with the bathtub. If the wall
is soft, there might be some water
Make sure yard drains, gutters, and
downspouts are cleaned out, open,
free of debris.
Check faucets and
hose bibs to make
sure water flows freely. If an outdoor
faucet drips or leaks inside your home
the first time the hose is turned on, a
frozen pipe may have cracked and
should be replaced.
Standing water is a common problem
caused by a leaky or broken pipe.
Excess water in a yard might come
from a damaged sewer line and contain
waste from the home. This is unhealthy
for children and pets and is a breeding
ground for insects and germs.
Never flush cotton swabs, cotton balls,
hair, facial scrub pads, diapers, wipes,
sanitary products, or similar items down
the toilet. These items are responsible
for most clogs.
Check toilets for
hidden leaks. Add six
drops of food coloring to the toilet tank.
If the toilet is leaking, color will appear in
the bowl within 30 minutes.
Inspect the tank and bowl for
cracks or
Make sure toilets flush properly. If the
handle must be held down for a thorough
flush or
jiggled to stop the water from
running, you may need to replace worn
tank parts. They are inexpensive and
you will notice a lower water bill once
they are replaced.
Check to see
how fast the toilet flushes.
exercise (open and close)
water supply valves under sinks and
toilets to prevent them from sticking.
Water Heater
Check the
temperature setting on the
water heater. It should be set no higher
than 120F to prevent scalding and
reduce energy use.
Drain several gallons from the water
heater tank to flush out corrosion-
causing sediment, which reduces
heating efficiency and shortens heater
Check the date of your
water heater.
The first four digits of the serial number
on the water heater are the month and
year. Any heater over 1215 years old is
a candidate for replacement.
Make sure
flammables are not stored
near the water heater or furnace.
rusty water
tank is a sign
problems; call a
plumber quickly!
Tips to Keep
Your Plumbing In
"Tip-Top Shape"
Russ Tantillo
MEP Home Services