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3552 Catlett Road
From Manassas City Limits
Sign, Rt. 28 to Stop Light in
Catlett - Approx. 9 miles
Across from
The Fauquier Bank
Hours: M-F 9-5, Sat 9-3
Authorized Dealer
6x8 Combination
Chicken Coop
12x16 Cape New England
Amish Made Products
Quality Built to Last
Large Selection
Ready for Delivery
Best Seller
12x24 A-Frame
Poly Adirondack Chairs
Poly Octagon Picnic Tables
(Other Styles & Sizes Available)
10x14 Quaker Shed
8x10 Dog Cabin
~ Nancy Griffin-Bonnaire
For more than
Used Books has
been a mainstay
for those in search
of gently used yet deeply discounted
books that span every genre. The
Manassas shop, which boasts nearly
20,000 square feet of display space,
recently underwent a facelift.
Manager Danielle Parady explains
that they had long considered
replacing the carpet, but because it
was such a big undertaking, they put
if off for quite a while. But they took
the plunge recently, closing the store
from March 1115, when they had all
of the shelving and fixtures moved
from one side of the store to the
other. The carpet was then replaced
on the cleared side of the store, and
they repeated the process to replace
the carpet on the other side of the
The new carpet is a crisp graphite
color and set down in 2'x2' squares.
This type of carpeting has become
popular with businesses with
areas that get a lot of foot traffic. If
it becomes damaged or stained,
individual sections can be more
easily removed and replaced than if
it was a single carpet roll. Practical
and economical!
In addition, Danielle points out
that they took this opportunity
to rearrange the store floorplan,
opening up a space that is more
conducive to relaxed browsing.
Some of the sections have been
moved to different parts of the store,
but the staff is helping customers
navigate the new layout with
maps and signs. To learn more,
(703) 361-9042 or stop by the
A Fresh Look at
McKay Used Books
on business
Danielle Parady