About the Anchorplex™ System inn ovat iv e in sta llat ion solu t ion s how ThE AnchorplEx™ SySTEm worKS When used in combination with blocks of the appropriate shape, the self-compacting structural backfill attaches itself to the wall facing, effectively extending the depth and mass of the facing. The structural backfill zone also serves as the required drainage zone directly behind the block facing. The Anchorplex™ system completely eliminates the need for the construction of a mechanically stabilized earth zone behind the wall facing and requires substantially less excavation than is usually necessary in a grid-reinforced wall construction project. These projects can be built with smaller equipment, less manpower and better production rates than conventional gridreinforced walls. While Anchorplex structures are typically greater than 3 feet high, they have been built to heights in excess of 15 feet. Because of these efficiencies and the design flexibility afforded with this system, millions of square feet of Anchorplex retaining walls have been installed. typical Detail LOW-PERMEABILITY SOIL FILTER FABRIC STRUCTURAL BACKFILL 4° AnchorplEx™ mATEriAl SpEcificATionS structural Backfill Use an approximate 6:1 or 7:1 ratio of aggregate to cement (by weight). The mixing ratio (by weight) of water to cement should be no more than 1:2. Facing Block Component The following Anchor™ retaining wall products can be used to build Anchorplex walls: • Vertica® products • Vertica Pro® products • Vertica Stone Cut® products • Diamond Pro Stone Cut® products • Diamond Pro® products • Highland Stone® products • Diamond Stone Cut® products • Diamond® products SySTEm SUpporT To learn more about this system or to download the specification, construction details and estimating charts, visit the For Professionals section at anchorwall.com. © 2010 Anchor Wall Systems, Inc. Diamond®, Diamond Pro®, Diamond Pro Stone Cut®, Diamond Stone Cut®, Highland Stone®, Vertica®, Vertica Pro® and Vertica Stone Cut™ wall blocks are manufactured under license from Anchor Wall Systems, Inc. (AWS). The “Anchor Build Something Beautiful” logo, “Anchorplex,” “Diamond,” “Diamond Pro,” “Diamond Pro Stone Cut,” “Diamond Stone Cut,” “Highland Stone,” “Vertica,” “Vertica Pro” and “Vertica Stone Cut” are trademarks of AWS. The wall system blocks are covered by the AWS Limited Warranty. For a complete copy, visit your local dealer or see anchorwall.com. Anchor Wall Systems, Inc., 5959 Baker Road, Suite 390, Minnetonka, MN 55345. A&B1001 EW820 GEN 05/10 H 2'-0" (TYPICAL) FINISHED GRADE 4" DIA. DRAINPIPE 6" 6" 2'-0" .3 TO .4 OF H (TYPICAL) AnchorwAll.com