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Previous generation
Below we see the baptism of Daniel Short in 1838, the son of Brian and Anastasia Short
nee Cullen:
Note: Bear in mind that the records on are transcribed as they
appear in the parish register. As you can
see, Daniel appears as "Dan", his father Brian
as "Brien" and his mother Anastasia as "Ana-
statia". To give yourself the best chance of a
result, search for as many variants of a Chris-
tian name as possible by using the wildcard
search symbol "%". For example, instead of
entering Daniel in the search box, enter
Dan% which will bring up the variants Daniel,
Dan, Danny, etc. Instead of entering Brian,
enter Br%, or consider the variant name Ber-
nard, Ber%, etc.
Brian Short and Anastasia Cullen were mar-
ried in Wicklow parish in 1832. Unfortunately,
these earlier marriage records do not pro-
vide fathers' names for the bride and groom.
Assuming that Brian was born in the early
1800s, a search for his baptism record pro-
duced a strong possibility the baptism of
Brian Short in 1807, son of Owen and Mary
Short nee Keenan: