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You will note the couple state they had nine
children in total and all were living at the time
of the census. This possibly gives an indica-
tion of the family's standard of living, as sadly
it was very common in those days for children
to die in infancy. We also learn approximate
years of birth for each person listed, as well
as occupation, the religion, which in this case
was noted as Roman Catholic. It is interest -
Jumping back ten years to the 1901 Census,
we find all nine of Daniel and Jane's children
present, ranging in age from the eldest,
Anastasia aged 20 years, to the youngest
John aged four years.
ing to note that Bernard and his sister Eliza -
beth were described respectively as "asylum
attendant" and "asylum nurse".
It is intriguing to see that Daniel's stated age
of 56 years on the 1901 census does not tally
with his age of 72 years listed on his 1911
census return! Ages listed on the census and
other records of the period can be inaccu-
rate. Vanity may have been a factor, but
the more likely explanation is that as people
got older, they simply lost track of their age.
Another factor affecting ages on the 1911
returns is the introduction of the old age
pension in 1909, payable to those over 70
years of age. Applications for this pension
were checked against the 1841 and 1851
Parish records
Armed with the information we gained from
the census, we can now search the parish
records of baptisms and marriages for the
previous generations of Shorts on
baptism records of nine children born to
Daniel and Jane Short, nee Magee:
census records (which were still in existence
at that time).