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These baptism records provide Jane's maiden
name of Magee, which will assist in a search
for the marriage of Daniel and Jane, and
hopefully their parents' names, thus providing
a foothold into the previous generation of
Shorts. The Shorts' 1911 census return states
that Daniel and Jane were married circa 1882,
but a search of the Wicklow marriage records
on produces a marriage
for Daniel Short and Jane Magee in 1879. We
learn that Daniel was the son of Brian Short
and lived in Killoughter at the time of his mar-
riage, while Jane was the daughter of Robert
Magee and lived in nearby Carrigower. It is
interesting to see that Daniel and Jane
followed the naming traditions of the time
where the eldest boys were named after their
grandfathers. (Sometimes, the Roman Catholic
parish marriage register lists both parents of the
bride and groom, whereas the civil or state
version* of the marriage record just lists fathers'